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Author: katrinakaif2000
Created: July 30, 2013
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How pretty are you??

Created by katrinakaif2000

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1. Whats your favourite colour?

2. whats your eye colour?

3. aaaaannnndd Which hair colour do you have?

4. Do YOU think you're pretty?

5. Your crush comes and puts his/her arm around you and leaves it their, how do you react?

6. Whats your biggest flaw?

7. what kind of makeup do you wear?

8. Your friend stole your makeup style, you?

9. Let fate decide...!

10. what do you wear?

11. What do people call you?

12. You can never leave home without:

13. OK, OK, last question.. How do you respond to a compliment?

14. JJ, this is really the last question ;p WILL U COMMENT?