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Author: professor-cat
Created: July 9, 2013
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Which of the Japanese tailed beasts-Bijuu- are you?

Created by professor-cat

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1. Which is your favorite animal out of these?

2. Pick a number.

3. A stranger smacks you across the face, how do you react?

4. Pick a word.

5. If you could control something, what would you control?

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navmav117 took a survey called
strangeness ness ness....

4 hours ago

joybucket took a survey called
easy mac.

6 hours ago

hellofattyx took a survey called
Never had trouble getting what I want but when it comes to you I'm never good enough..

9 hours ago

dishwallafied took a survey called
Fall is on its way and these worries fight my day.....

10 hours ago

hellofattyx took a survey called
There's no room for demons when you're self-possessed.

11 hours ago