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Author: fredricktheunicorn
Created: April 23, 2013
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Questions About Haley

Created by fredricktheunicorn

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1. What\'s my middle name?

2. What\'s my favorite color

3. What\'s my favorite word?

4. Who's my favorite actor?

5. Who\'s my favorite female singer

6. What three boys are on my desk at school?

7. Who do isn't my brother

8. Who are my brothers?

9. Who am I dating?

10. What did I name my phone?

11. Who isn't my sister

12. Who are all my sisters?

13. Who's my favorite

14. What am I?

15. Who is my favorite actress?

16. What's my nickname right now?

17. Who do I text every night?

18. Who is the #1 most texted on my phone?

19. What color is my hair?

20. What is my eye color?