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Author: crystal-melissa
Created: January 16, 2013
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Yes or No Questions

Created by crystal-melissa

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1. Do you have a sister???

2. Do you have a brother???

3. Do you want kids???

4. Have you ever smacked your parents???

5. Are you married

6. Are you 15 or under???

7. Do you like neon colors???

8. Do you spend half your day on the computer???

9. Have you seen the movie Joyful Noise???

10. Are you tired right now???

11. Do you have any friends on Bzoink???

12. Will you plz be one of my friends on Bzoink???

13. Do you wear dresses more than you were skirts???

14. Do you LOVE Justin Beiber more than you LOVE Cody Simpson???

15. Do you still play with dolls???

16. Have you seen the movie Coraline yet???

17. Have you seen the movie Arrietty yet???

18. Would you sell a movie for ten dollars???

19. Do you like water more than soda???

20. Do you think it took me more than thirty minutes to do this quiz???