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The EXACT Name of your future husband/wife(VERY ACCURATE)
kekepalmerfan12 23987
The Name Of The Guy/Girl You Will Marry
sarah-da-superstar 19327
How and When will YOU die?
andy 1052432
Crush Calculator
dancer4u2l4e 85411
Crush Detector
randomality 3520
What will be the first letter of the person you marry?
mineofGod 619656
Nick names for ur crush
gummybear5 635
Which hakuouki guy will you marry?
szayelislove 3288
What is the first name of the person you will marry?
2hot4u813 445614
what age will you lose your virginity??(***virgins only***)
pastagirl1994 1372
secret agent code name generator
llama-steve 5424
when will you die?
tia8frank99 32
What is the first letter of the person who LOVES you?
letmeloveyou 16667
i bet i can quess yur hair color
icraveyursmile 286
Date and reason of your Death
tobbed 254
megas 2767
Whats Your Theme Song?
christina0120 498236
The Coolest Nickname Generator-thingy that you will EVER come across<3.
lem0njuiicex0250 10296
Funny perverted name generator :B
50qwt5 2005
Who are you?
ellebabie 69
funnyme 24
Magic 8-Ball
andy 105075

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