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80's movies
lilprincess 502
female celebs
bryansprincess 20
Favoriate Piercings!!!
snickeetblove 122
Good boys or bad boys?
lagunabeachfan 74
Devo anyone?
xkelster462x 6
lyndzman38 39
Foamy or Homestarrunner?
dream-eyes 14
Girly needs a little help!
krislysgirlx3 21
I try to make sense...
dream-eyes 27
+Popular Polls+ Favorite Female Celeb
-PrincessE- 124
Best Songwritter
sodapopallerdyce 25
Arctic Monkey Songs.
foreignyoyomuch 17
His Infernal Majesty
chaoticvampire 32
Which Chat Program is Better?
agentphoenix99 35
My Favorite Magazines
SodapopAllerdyce 33
Minnesota or Wisconson?
karilynne 31
gay marrage
phatars 48
Knightrider's Greats
knightrider 24
When you listen to your favorite music
green-zoe 47
The most annoying type of guy
green-zoe 52
How Confusing is this Situation?
blf09 25
Jekyll and Hyde Poll!
ChelBel 28
dragonrose44 21
GIrls opinion on guys with stretched ears
redneck1 123
favorite tv show?
sexyrockerchick 159
urbaneyezmagazine1 167
tell me the truth
spawn056784 15
sxysuzy 37
crunkitachavis 11
gagglehoof 23
Fav Band...
head1stxxx4halos 36
best NFL team
bigdan701991 21
Orchestra Wars!
heathj 26
whatz your opinion bout me?
shortestpimptress 10
American Idol
chevy24chick 32

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