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What are you looking forward to this summer?
What are your favorite things about summer?
How will this summer be different from other summers?
What will you do to make this summer the best one yet?
Will you go swimming this summer?

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Times Taken: 112
Questions: 30
Created by joybucket

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What is your favourite book?

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This Or That MUSIC Survey! [Based on the music on my phone]

If you haven't heard of the bands, skip the question.
Alternative Rock
AFI or All Time Low?
Automatic Loveletter or Blacklisted Me?
Breaking Benjamin or Chiodos?

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This survey has been taken 59 times, has 66 questions, and is rated PG.

Last taken 5 hours ago - Created by hxcsingingsk8r


So please, give me a lesson on how to steal a heart as fast as you stole mine.

Name one person that you think is the epitome of awesomeness:
If you went to the end of a rainbow & found gold, what would you do with it
What's one of the most painful lessons you've had to learn?
Do you own a sketch pad?
If you had a piggy bank, what would you name him/her?

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This survey has been taken 659 times, has 50 questions, and is rated G.

Last taken 54 minutes ago - Created by xkatyxconspiracy


[+]  LONG survey Everything you can think of! exciting!!

This survey has been taken 1481 times, has 618 questions, and is rated PG.

[+]  ok long normal survey at first then gets kinda dirty ahaa

This survey has been taken 284 times, has 985 questions, and is rated R.

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