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Random This or That

Coke or Pepsi?
Warm or cold?
Funny or serious?
Loud or quiet?
Day or night?

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Times Taken: 394
Questions: 60
Created by steelersbaby327

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Would you rather be with the person of your dreams or would you rather have $100 million dollars?

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To fall in love twice a day is such a sweet price to pay, s'il vous plait.

What was the last thing you watched on YouTube?
When was the last time you laughed and why?
How long do you think you could go without listening to music?
How long could you go without chocolate?
How about without your Cell phone?

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This survey has been taken 238 times, has 58 questions, and is rated G.

Last taken 6 hours ago - Created by macro


No one knows what it's like to be the bad man. (music shuffle)

Inspired by a similar survey I saw on here.
I'm listening to my iPod, and using my song titles to think of questions.
Just shuffle your iPod and put in your song titles.
My dad is
At parties, I like to

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This survey has been taken 96 times, has 16 questions, and is rated G.

Last taken 4 hours ago - Created by chasingghosts


[+]  Soundtrack to your life / Music shuffle

This survey has been taken 197 times, has 62 questions, and is rated PG.

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