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Goodbye Old Year, Hello New Year!

What Happened In the Past Year???
How many relationships were you in?
What did you do for Valentine's day?
Did you recieve your driver's license?
Did you graduate high school?

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Times Taken: 1050
Questions: 111
Created by nadine07

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Would you rather be rich or attractive?

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iPod Shuffle

Answer the question with the song title
if your brother died he'd be...
You go on vacation to Guam and you miss your luver face. You sigh and say
The only thing you hear on TV anymore

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This survey has been taken 152 times, has 73 questions, and is rated PG.

Last taken 11 hours ago - Created by kailuh727


Beyond your flowers of flaming truth

If the last person you kissed invited you to a family dinner, would you go?
Has anyone ever told one of your secrets they promised they wouldn't tell?
Do you remember what you were wearing last time you cried?
Do you have any friends you have never gotten into an argument with?
Do you think you could survive living by yourself for a month?

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This survey has been taken 195 times, has 45 questions, and is rated G.

Last taken 1 minute ago - Created by tickticktmr


[+]  Flyin' High With the Records Playing Fast

This survey has been taken 111 times, has 169 questions, and is rated G.

[+]  If I knew what I was doing, I'd be doing it right now

This survey has been taken 237 times, has 59 questions, and is rated G.

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