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I can't sleep the whole night through when I am missing you. (true or false survey)

Your bedroom is usually untidy.
You know how to cook.
You cook at home more often than you eat out.
You love to exercise and stay fit.
Your house has a basement.

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Times Taken: 37
Questions: 50
Created by chasingghosts

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What's Your Favorite Book

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There's No Running Away From These Things That Hold You Down (Have You Ever Survey)

So Have You Ever...
been in love
fallen off of a ladder
been to military school
lost someone close to you

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This survey has been taken 2688 times, has 176 questions, and is rated PG.

Last taken 10 hours ago - Created by skiesofsunshine


extremely long with no basics. good grammar included.

If you knew you'd get away with it, would you murder your worst enemy?
What is the wallpaper on your computer screen? Why did you choose it?
Have you ever tried to snort PixieStix as a child, or even an adult?
Is there a pattern on the pants you're currently wearing? Which one?
Do you like going to baby showers? Do you go only for the cake?

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This survey has been taken 506 times, has 150 questions, and is rated G.

Last taken 16 minutes ago - Created by laurenpwns


[+]  Have you ever seen these movies?

This survey has been taken 157 times, has 184 questions, and is rated G.

[+]  We go together or we don't go down at all. [Have you ever?]

This survey has been taken 224 times, has 70 questions, and is rated G.

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