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What are you looking forward to this summer?
What are your favorite things about summer?
How will this summer be different from other summers?
What will you do to make this summer the best one yet?
Will you go swimming this summer?

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Times Taken: 126
Questions: 30
Created by joybucket

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What is your favourite book?

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nothing like what you are used to - and NOT FOR TEENY BOPPERS

What do you like to do most on your free time?
Where would you like to travel to?
What would you most like to do in the next year?
How many hours do you work per week?
How many average miles do you put on your car in a day?

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This survey has been taken 82 times, has 45 questions, and is rated G.

Last taken 20 minutes ago - Created by lovelyncc20


Have we done the same things??

Smoked weed
Drank underage
Driven a car without a license
Taken diving lessons
Been to two different oceans

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This survey has been taken 3 times, has 150 questions, and is rated R.

Last taken 16 minutes ago - Created by livelaughlove05


[+]  When I’m plagued with pain and filled with fear, I run to you and you alone (Another friends surve

This survey has been taken 10 times, has 90 questions, and is rated PG.

[+]  Statistical Yes or No Survey

This survey has been taken 219 times, has 60 questions, and is rated PG.

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