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Posted: 10 Aug 2009 01:23 AM         Subject: RE: Don't waste away your life like that.
I'm not trying to be annoying, but just because no one has died because of like, a weed overdose, doesn't mean weed wasn't the reason they died... My older sister had a friend whose older brother got high on weed at party, went wandering around by himself, and ending up falling off a bridge and dying, because he was so out of it.
But the same thing, of course, could happen to someone who was extremely drunk...

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Posted: 10 Aug 2009 01:51 AM         Subject: RE: Don't waste away your life like that.
Gosh I was thinking the same thing Monty..being 13 and craving vodka and really shouldn't do that. It's too young. I've had sips before but never a whole drink. Even when I'm 21 I may not drink much cause it tastes nasty..
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Posted: 10 Aug 2009 02:01 AM         Subject: RE: Don't waste away your life like that.
Beer tastes fantastic once you get used to it.. but I'll never be one of those people that likes it so much that I have it with meals or whatever just as something tasty to drink.

And you associate certain drinks with certain times and events. At least I do. I think that's where part of the alcoholism risk jumps in. Reliving times through alcohol.

I don't drink beer or anything that often anymore (yes I did have a period not too long ago where I did so on a nightly basis and it was stupid and accomplished nothing) so now when I taste a beer it'll usually bring me back to New Orleans.
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Posted: 10 Aug 2009 02:55 AM         Subject: RE: Don't waste away your life like that.
Ya know as soon as i read the first post i knew it was about me :?
Meep. but im not affended. You guys are just lookin out for us lil young people here. now im gonna go trough and read this holy 6 pages.

Okay so i reasd all the pages. well basically. And i dont mean to blame my wanting acohol on my family but its basically what i grew up with. My mom and dad would go out and drink. Mom still does dad has a beer or two everyday. My grandpa drinks. im pretty sure my great grandpa was a acoholic (not sure bout that) but my moms dad also drinks quite alot. my aunt drinks. What ims aying it im used to being around acohol. Ive wittnessed many people drunk, heck ive had to run after my mom when she was drunk and ecided to take a walk. so im not gonna lie ive tried some things. beer is nasty. some stuff is good. I know i neeed to wait. But what im saying is that i know i crave vodka. im not gonna lie bout it, But i only have bout one sip coz it tends to burn my throut. :/

oh and btw about the drugs thing yes they are harmful mess with ur brain and stuff. my roomate at the meadows her and her twin sister had been doing weed and pot since they were 7. Along with acohol. And ik my rommates twin sis got out b4 her sis (my roomate) and my roomate told me that her mom told her that her sis went right now to doing all that stuff after she was relaesed too.

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Posted: 10 Aug 2009 03:01 AM         Subject: RE: Don't waste away your life like that.
I think I was in this...or wasnt I?
Imma go read the pages.

Just got done reading all of those pages, and Andy makes me laugh. :P TOES... :lol:
But other than that, imma go back on topic, Im not gunna lie either, I tried it, but only two times, and Vodka tastes like rubbing alcohol, and yes it burns my throat too.
I mean, learn from your mistakes, if you get drunk young, and dont like it, WAIT and dont do it. Im pretty happy you put this up here Monty. :wink:
Wonderful wonderful wonderful Monty. xD
But, I tottally agree with everyone else.
Plus im not proud that I have gotten drunk before.
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Posted: 10 Aug 2009 07:52 AM         Subject: RE: Don't waste away your life like that.
I agree. I'm sick of kids from my school talking about next weekends 'sesh'. On Monday Morning. :|

p.s: Even though I don't drink, I still think 21 is pretty high.
That's probably only because it's 18 where I live, so y'know, everyone always gets used to stuff they've grown up with.

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Posted: 10 Aug 2009 09:38 AM         Subject: RE: Don't waste away your life like that.
There were this group of girls at my school who would get drunk, get high and have sex with different guys every weekend.
They called themselves "NESH"

And, yes, 21 is a bit high. Maybe, like Canada it could be 19.
But nothing lower than 18.
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Posted: 10 Aug 2009 11:12 AM         Subject: RE: Don't waste away your life like that.
I'm a little late on this but I agree with what Monty and Andy have said. Drinking at 13-15 is way too young, I could maybe see 16 or 17 but really thirteen? No one even knows who they are at thirteen and you haven't even grown into your bodies fully. No one is mature enough at thirteen or fourteen to start drinking, that's why they've set these age limits. The age limit in England is 18 and I don't see any problem in lowering to that here in the states but I don't think lowering it any farther would be wise. I personally don't care if they lower it or not because either way people will still drink underage. Also, I don't think kids drinking has everything to do with peer pressure or the legal age or whatever else, part of it is to blame on the parents/guardians of the kids. I've never drank before, mainly because I've seen many members of my family go through drinking problems and I've lost a very close friend to alcohol and drugs. I could say so much more about this but I'll just leave it at this.
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Posted: 10 Aug 2009 12:08 PM         Subject: RE: Don't waste away your life like that.
I do think they should lower the drinking age to 18 for this reason--

Men and women at the age of 18 can enlist in the military and in many states they can own a gun so why can't they be considered responsible enough to have a beer?

As for underage drinking, I think it all depends on maturity. I had a couple friends show up at my house in the dead of night completely drunk asking for a place to stay so they wouldn't get caught by their parents. I let them in and they ended up getting sick, passing out, and waking up the next morning hungover. Of course, I told them never again. I have had little to drink before and it has always been around responsible adults (my parents, etc...), and definitely not when I was 13-years-old. Basically what I'm saying is, if you're going to drink underage, do it with someone responsible there, know your limit, and don't be stupid.
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