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Posted: 18 Dec 2010 03:27 PM         Subject: RE: Add One Word 8
Sometimes I listen to mysterious sounds coming from above. Outer space has many futuristic people that will destroy orange planets than round circular cookies. Perhaps cheetahs have overtaken many of the rectangular plots of flowers making them very tired and exhausted. Sunny tied Count Dracula to the monstrous dinosaur with big puffy arms and a fat belly. Jupiter is really big planter in Germany and pharmacist. When she checked if she focused on the printer it suddenly exploded. There was a tiger in the cage and also many other vicious lions. Once upon, midnight dreary the stars shone bright above the zoo in Atlanta. This time we will last forever. There is nothing in the world quite like Burmese pythons, because they chomp down on everything furry. Maybe its only me, but it slices me until I crumble into oblivion. Simon didn't know that to join the club, he had to much magical powers including being extremely flexible and also breathing onto a smiling chihuahua while riding rollercoasters. We danced with the microscopic robots, then we frolicked in Narnia with Tumnus and Aslan while Lucy was wrestling invisible rats. After money fell from the rainbow, purple unicorns decided to repeatedly hit my fat liver. Later that day Amy took the ginormous eskimo out yonder to change its gear. Dirt got some sense to scream when he was walking along the path until he tripped over his giraffe toy. Sometimes Dennis jumps on other people until they squeak loudly. When certain songs play over and over, it makes me want to punch the crap out of ugly midgets. Tomorrow I am going to go and pay that bill for my phone. When I want to dance, I turn on my awesome iPod and shake my booty. There are no dumb people in the army only on television shows. Sarah is going to run around the field for two hours until she falls over and scraped her monkey. The day I left home for Chicago was Monday and I am still excited that I got to go to the park. Bailey likes to walk around the campus because it is relaxing and helps her clear her mind so she can think about what happened when she was drunk. I know that he really does like playing that game, it's so amazingly fun. There are times when all I see is hate and nothing is helping me out with this situation. Connor made himself some pizza to share with Madonna and Tabitha. Please, don't forget that I love you and I want you to be as happy as can be. Hufflepuff was going to help in making some yummy food for everyone.
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