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Posted: 16 Oct 2010 12:04 AM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. I have a little over two months left as a college freshman.
2. I'm a B student.
3. I have one mid-term left before fall break.
4. I've known my boyfriend for roughly four years.
5. I have three dogs, one is a dachshund-chiauha mix, one is a min-pin, and the other one is a dachshund-jack Russell mix.
6. My favorite colors are lime green, purple, and pink.
7. My college is having paint the campus purple day on Wednesday in honor of abuse prevention.
8. I have a Pantech Link.
9. I have a psychology test on Monday.
10. I listen to just about any kind of music.
11. It always takes me forever to think of 20 facts.
12. My favorite number is 21.
13. My nephew turned 2 yesterday.
14. I've made a lot of new friends lately.
15. I drive a black 2005 Chevy Malibu.
16. I've grown a lot since last summer.
17. I go to Northern Oklahoma College.
18. I plan on transferring to Oklahoma State University in the Fall of 2012.
19. I go home almost every weekend.
20. Goodbye.
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Posted: 16 Oct 2010 02:41 AM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. I haven't done this in about 20945790 years.
2. There's a moth on the end of my bed. I'm terrified of moths. D:
3. When I was younger, and up to about two years ago, I looked almost exactly like my sister Jennifer. Now, I look almost exactly like my other sister Thea, and don't resemble Jennifer much at all. It's weird.
4. I almost pressed "Submit" after that last fact 'cause for a second I was thinking I was on the "Top Three Things On Your Mind" thread. xD
5. My head is itchy 'cause this hairspray sucks balls. *scratches head*
6. I have to potty, but I just got comfortable. :c
7. Tomorrow is my mommy's birthday. I made her a two-layer lemon cake and I put green trim all around it and wrote "Happy Bday" on it. It looks like dooky but she'll probably love it anyway. c:
8. My most played CD's recently are "Black & White" by The Maine, "Homesick" by A Day To Remember, and "Anywhere But Here" by Mayday Parade. I've been listening to all of them on repeat, all the way through, for like the past week. :3
9. I can't use earbuds. They don't stay in my ears, and the few times I can get them to do so, I have to take them out after like one song because they just hurt my ears so bad. I have these headphones right here and zomg, they're the most amazing things ever. <3333
10. My left ear is really messed up... if there's noise going on around me, and it's too loud, my left ear starts doing this weird thing... like..kinda like a fuzzy speaker. Things cut out really bad and it sorta like vibrates my ear and it hurts really bad. It's from all the concerts I've gone to.
11. Hm, my left eye is also really messed up... I'm almost legally blind in my left eye and have astigmatism in my left eye (meaning the eye is shaped a little differently, making it harder to see). I guess the left side of my body just sucks. :c
12. I haven't talked to a certain someone in two days, and although he probably doesn't care, I really miss talking to him. :C
13. I don't get to go to South Carolina to see my sister now. Which means I don't get to see A Day To Remember in concert. :/ and it also means I now have no plans for Halloween. I'm super depressed now. :[
14. Owls are my favorite animal. Penguins are my second favorite. :3
15. I'm having a really hard time thinking of things to say on here. >.>
16. I have like 85 books in my room. And I paid for every single one of them, not my parents.
17. I have no idea what college I want to go to, nor what I want to go for. It's really frustrating. >.<
18. I miss Jake... no matter how many times I say I don't..
19. I'm trying to be happy and stay strong and all that. It's not easy. Pft, it's difficult as hell. But at least I've got most people fooled. I can't handle the "how are you coping?" questions. Anytime someone brings this situation up, all I wanna do is cry.
20. I'll end this on a happy note. I get to see my baby cousin tomorrow. He's 8 months old and he's the cutest little thing I've ever seen in my life. C:
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Posted: 16 Oct 2010 06:35 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. I haven't posted on this forum for a while .-. oops.
2. I should be doing my homework.
3. I wish my cat was nicer.
4. I hate my iPod being on shuffle but for some reason I never change it.
5. My ear is itchy.
6. My facts are all pointless.
7. I bought a Spongebob calendar but I can't use it 'til January.
8. My Game Informer magazines keep coming later and later every month.
9. I think my teacher believes that I like being informed about sad, abused children.
10. I love Mountain Dew Code Red.
11. Do the Dew, man.
12. That last one wasn't even a fact.
13. In eight days I'm going to Great America for my mother's birthday.
14. I still need to buy or make her a present.
15. I wish I didn't give up on learning German. I still can, but I'm not as motivated.
16. I want to find that bracelet my aunt in Mexico made for me.
17. My enter key is still being weird.
18. I miss my aunt.
19. People think it's weird that I like to be alone.
20. I'd say it's reasonable.

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Posted: 16 Oct 2010 06:35 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. Talked to Casey on the phone today.
2. I only cut myself twice last night. I'm proud of myself for not cutting more.
3. I have an Honors English assignment due Monday.
4. That class makes me wanna go shake some babies or something. D:
5. I had a lukewarm pizza stick for breakfast today cuz I lost my power.
6. It was quite nasty.
7. I've had 2 Starbucks Vanilla coffee like things today.
8. They are soooo addicting. :C
9. Listening to Stupify by Disturbed.
10. I love how I convinced my Art 1 teacher to play unedited Disturbed yesterday.
11. It's amazing how the only person to see behind the fake smiles is Casey.
12. I'm soo happy that my best friend got herself a girlfriend.
13. Well now I'm listening to Lost In You by Three Days Grace.
14. I just realized that nobody even really cares about what I'm writing.
15. On Monday, Casey's gonna come home with me.
16. I wish I could stop biting my nails.
17. I hate homophobes, even though I'm straight.
18. I never say it out loud, but I wish my "dad" could be my dad again. Without the alcohol.
19. I just got a text from Jake. :]
20. I'mma go eat something now.

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Posted: 17 Oct 2010 05:06 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
one; I have two tabs open.
two; Bzoink and Facebook. c:
three; I'm also playing Pokemon SoulSilver.
four; Brian texted me today and told me there was an event where I can get a Mew, so I had to get it even though I already have a level 100 shiny one. c:
five; I'm watching Spongebob Squarepants.
six; I'm getting my phone unlocked tomorrow. Yayayayayay.
seven; I wrote down all the numbers in my phone yesterday.
eight; It took up the whole front side of a college-ruled paper and half of the back, lmao.
nine; I need to dry my hair, but I hate drying it when it's still wet.
ten; I should change jackets. I need to wash this one.
eleven; I still need to do my paper for Rhet. Comp.
twelve; I want to see the movie 'Tangled.' It looks awesome. c:
thirteen; The only class that I don't have any friends in is my second period, Choir.
fourteen; I want a pet Skunk. Srsly. They are so cute.
fifteen; Bah, iCarly's on now.
sixteen; Still need to dry my hair. I think there's someone in the bathroom though.
seventeen; I'm a bit tired. Blargh.
eighteen; Herp derp, just deleted all the texts in my inbox and outbox.
nineteen; I think we're going to the library. It's gonna close at five though, and it's four.
twenty; Goodbye. c:

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Posted: 21 Oct 2010 12:38 AM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
o1. Zomg, hai.
o2. I'm wicked tired but for some reason felt compelled to do this first. xD
o3. Everytime I leave and come back there's a flood of n00bz. I need to stop having a life and come online more! x3
o4. Lolol, roots. Monty makes me laugh.
o5. I want to get tattooed again. It's been a few months... TOO LONG!
o6. What happens once I run out of skin? zomg, transplant?!
o7. My face went on a honeymoon to Canada with Aisha last weekend. The rest of me is jealous, being stuck in New England not drinking maple syrup.
o8. I signed up for Netflix today. 8D
o9. I prefer Boston over Providence. Took a train there while my face was honeymooning. It was pretty awful.
1o. Everytime I drive my car, I fall in love all over again. .... Oh, lolololol, I'm so lonely.
11. Aisha and I are gonna invent a perfect third gender with all the good qualities from both men and women, and none of the bad. It's gonna be epic.
12. I still need to bug my father about the other couple inventions. Totally forgot about the rocket-propelled catapult. 8D
13. My house is wicked cold, so I'm wearing a hat. o.o It's plaid and has faux fur. Lololol, SLAYER!! Redemption, ftw!
14. This is wicked easy because I always make stupid lists in my blog. It's like organized rambling. Epic win!
15. My cat is snoring. CUTE. >:3
16. Was supposed to make plans with someone tomorrow, but I'm definitely blowing them off. adkjfna beh!!
17. Found out something scary today. I don't like bad news. Good news is nice though.
18. My daughter had a friend over for the first time today. She was so strange, lmao. But whatever, my friends are too. I'm glad she's fitting in. <3
19. I've got this delightful orange pineapple banana juice right now. Mmmmm.
20. K, I'm going running before yeaaaaah, up early. baii guize. 8D Gute Nacht!
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Posted: 21 Oct 2010 11:48 AM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. I miss Ross ^
2. I used to never do this. But I'm bored.
3. I should be doing laundry but what they hay?
4. Its weird for me to go past 3 on these lists. I'm used to Top Three Things On Your Mind.
5. I like my job right now.
6. I think after this, I'm gonna go study for this week and take a shower and go to maw maw's and do some laundry. Ha.
7. I absolutely cannot wait for Taylor Swift's new album. I'm a loser. I know. :-D
8. I think I have some sort of tumor thing growing on my spine now.
9. WOW. My vision just suddenly got way clearer. Thats odd.
10. I always read everyone's 20 facts. Idk why.
11. I'm never getting married. So I better not effing meet someone I like. Because all boys are douche-packers.
12. So its not likely I'll meet one I like.
13. I wonder if Greg was serious when he said he loved me, or if he was just being a moron like usual. Maybe he'll be the only one from FFG that doesn't hate me.
14. My phone is vibrating.
15. Its probably Chloe. And I don't want to talk to her. I don't care about that stupid concert. I have a little more in my life to care about right now.
16. I'm going to tell on Connory. Monday.
17. The tv is on really loud in the living room right now. Cause I forgot to turn it off.
18. My facts have been completely useless.
19. I think my brain is on break right now.
20. Bai.

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Posted: 21 Oct 2010 06:21 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
one; Ahaha, I loved Ross's twenty facts. <3 xD
two; I forgot we were supposed to make a rocket-propelled catapult to Russia...
three; ^ That plan also involves my mother buying me a tank. C:
four; I've been sleeping in the study room for the past ten or so days, lmao.
five; Well, technically, I've been sleeping on the couch, which is really small.
six; It's suckish cause I'm used to sleeping on a King-Sized bed. :C
seven; Other than that, it's comfy. I like that my back doesn't hurt as much anymore.
eight; I need to find another Ash Ketchum cosplay. Andi tried ordering the one I wanted yesterday and it ended or something. Iunno. eBay's stupid sometimes.
nine; I think I should check on Etsy.
ten; If I can't find a costume for me, I'm going to buy a Queen of Hearts dress.
eleven; Or a Cheshire Cat dress. I already have cat ears, so that'd be fine, haha.
twelve; Oh man, just got done look for a Queen of Hearts dress with Drake.
thirteen; He picked out an amazing one for me, and it's only eighty dollars. <3
fourteen; Lily gave me chocolate. C:
fifteen; I'll probably bring it to school tomorrow to snack on during class or something.
seventeen; I burped. 8D
eighteen; I have to piss now. Darn you, Pepsi!
nineteen; I want to eat my chocolateeee. DDDD:
twenty; Bai, gaiz. <3 c:

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Posted: 21 Oct 2010 07:51 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. I'm wearing super cool blue and black striped fuzzy socks. Jealous? Yes, you are.
2. I should be typing up my MCAS Long Comp essay for English, but I'm not.
3. I'm actually watching the Bruins home opener.
4. We just scored. (:
5. I feel super nauseous, and I've been feeling nauseous all day.
6. I miss Jerry and Suuuup. They made my LIFE last year.
7. I need to get a picture with Jason tomorrow, but I'm nervous about asking.
8. MymymymySharonaaa.
9. ^ That wasn't even a fact about myself. Wowza.
10. My stomach is bothering me, and it needs to stop making noises.
11. Tyler Seguin is a sexy beast. JUSTSAYIN.
12. I'm not really a fan of baseball players as much anymore, obviously.
13. I look good with berets. I'm obviously French.
14. I'm tired. I never get sleep.
15. I suck at expressing feelings.
16. I'm bored.
17. I have a towel on my head so I can straighten my hair later.
18. Wow, I'm cool.
19. I don't think I'm going to change for gym tomorrow.
20. Hum.
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Posted: 22 Oct 2010 05:21 AM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. Since I've started university I have not attended one Friday morning philosophy lecture.
2. I'm currently contemplating whether or not I should return home to Castleblayney for the long weekend.
3. I don't want to be stuck here all weekend, but I can't really afford the €35 ticket. What to do, what to do...
4. Ugh, it's my birthday tomorrow. I hate my birthday. I know a lot of people who celebrate my birthday, though. It's a popular date to age and become decrepit.
5. This week I'm determined to begin my psych and English assignment. It's gonna happen! I just hate referencing shazzle.
6. I'm actually just after getting pissed off ever so slightly. I informed the boyfriend that I'm coming home and he is yet again, patronising me. I feel as though he doesn't care whether or not I come home.
7. I've got severly blue molded bread in my cupboard. I should really remember to throw that out. I've also got sour milk in the fridge. My housemates must hate me.
8. I want to phone my father first, to see if he'll be annoyed about me coming home.
9. My computer always acts up once I get halfway through these things. Does this happen to anyone else?
10. I've lost a stone withing a month.Not intentionally. I need to eat more junk food.
11. Now a part of me doesn't want to go home because I forgot that I was looking forward to spending my day of ageing in solitude.
12. I got ridiculously wasted the other night. Bold mise.
13. I wish I kept on French in university. But I can still go abroad anyways, I think I'll go to the US, UK or Canada.
14. Oh, I need to go turn on the imersion heater. I don't fancy a cold shower.
15. I should also probably reply to that text, even though I have no idea what to say.
16. I hate when people start a sentence with ''I was like''. Although, I think I may have been guilty of doing so on occasion.
17. The Bulmer's comedy festival is on in Galway :] not that it matters, cos I cannot afford to go.
18. I hope the bus isn't packed with obnoxious tourists today. But it probably will be, Galway is a opular spot for the oul tourists.
19. I'm no longer this age as of tomorrow.
20. Bhuel, sin e anois, gach duine. Slan agus tog a bog e.
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Posted: 22 Oct 2010 10:59 AM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. I'm freezing, I need some socks and my awesome boot slippers.
2. I'm listening to Everything'll Be Alright (Will's Lullaby) by Joshua Radin.
3. I hate straightening my hair with my glasses on, but when I do my glasses fog up from the steam sometimes. (:
4. I almost threw up just a minute ago, but theres nothing in my stomach to throw up. So I didn't. D:
5. I don't know why I'm feeling so sick today. Hey at least I'm not jhungry.
6. I haven't played the piano in months.
7. Thats probably cause I feel no emotions anymore, Not like I used to.
8. I want a tomato. But thats probably not a good choice since I already feel sick.
9. I want to go to my grandma's house but they're not home.
10. Their house is always so warm!
11. Our house is always freezing.
12. I knew you wanted to know the status of our houses temperatures.
13. Tomorrow could possibly be very scary.
14. Tegan and Sara is on now. <3
15. I have a giant Dasani water bottle that I stole from my best friend and I use it every day because its so big.
16. Sage never thought I was skinny enough for him.
17. I am feeling quite sick again now.
18. Taylor Swift's new album comes out in 3 days and I'm getting it.
19. I'm a loser. I know.
20. I never knew, I never knew that everything was falling through.

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Posted: 22 Oct 2010 05:28 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
one; Girls confuse me. Still.
two; I would think that I'd get them cause I'm a girl too.
three; I'm watching Spongebob Squarepants. c:
four; I think milk, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, etc. taste better when they're in a coffee mug.
five; I need to make a survey. I haven't made one in like, forever and a half.
six; I'm getting a bit cold.
seven; Drake's taking me and my family out for lunch.
eight; We're going to Chili's. c:
nine; I need to plug the charger into the laptop.
ten; He, uhm.. kissed me yesterday before he left. It was weird.
eleven; Andi doesn't know. I don't want to tell her. She'd freak.
twelve; My hands feel weird.
thirteen; I want to take a nap.
fourteen; I have to wake up at like, nine tomorrow cause of rehearsal.
fifteen; I get to leave at one, so it won't be a wasted Saturday.
sixteen; I miss my ring that Andi gave me for our one-year anniversary.
seventeen; It would've been two years on November first. :/
eighteen; I can't help but get sad for a bit when I think about it.
nineteen; There's a part of me that doesn't want her to sleepover cause we might fight, or I might end up crying.
twenty; Baii.

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Posted: 22 Oct 2010 08:10 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. It's getting dark and I still haven't turned my light on.
2. It looks kinda cool.
3. I need to do something for my mom on her birthday, but I don't have any money to buy anything.
4. Zain is a pervert and won't stop telling me to call him. I miss that kid.
5. I miss all of my old loser friends.
6. Now I'm just a loser on my own.
7. Sometimes I wish things would have happened differently.
8. Great America in two days. w00t!
9. I still don't have a halloween costume.
10. I feel like writing right now.
11. I hate freaking pincher bugs.
12. I keep thinking about Jon. I miss him. I even miss all of his bullshit drama.
13. If he knew I said that, he'd probably get mad >.<
14. My mom won't let me buy myself a tarantula for my birthday. Wtf?
15. The bosses in the first God of War are a lot better than the ones in God of War 2.
16. I can't believe my Aunt beat me at Yahtzee. Usually, I'm really good at that game.
17. My keyboard is crap.
18. I love that it's been raining a little the last two days. California weather sucks.
19. I hope my grandpa's wife freaks out when she finds out about my Aunt xD
20. I'm an awful person.

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Posted: 23 Oct 2010 03:14 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
1. I'm going to Fear Fest tonight (:
2. In fifteen minutes I'm leaving, actually.
3. I change my bzoink profile erry two days, but I never get on the forums.
4. :///
5. I miss everyone, and I feel left out cause there's new people that I don't know.
6. ANYWAYS, we have softball hitting already, and it gets me all pumped for season.
7. I am having a shatty day.
8. It's one of those days where the weather effects your mood, and you get all depressed.
9. I truly hope I'm not the only one who has days like this.
10. I've read The Bell Jar, and then today I watched a movie about this crazy chick.
11. It scares me, because they seem so normal at first.
12. But in their heads, it's all messed up.
13. I probably sound kinda crazy right now, so I'll stop.
14. I like high school.
15. I didn't at first, but it's not too bad.
16. Plus, seniors = hot as heck. (:
17. Mhhmmm, but my moms wouldn't allow it.
18. And I'm kind of done dating people behind her back.
19. Other things, will most definitely stay behind her back.
20. Byeeee. (:
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Posted: 23 Oct 2010 04:06 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts Dos.
One. I take just about everything to heart.
Two. I simply adore Boy Meets World.
Three. I hate when people judge a book or movie when they've never seen it.
Four. I'm a fan of delicious flavour.
Five. I could read Harry Potter until the cows come home.
Six. I actually plan on seeing both parts ^ in theaters when they premiere.
Seven. Sometimes, I'm the most terrific liar you've ever seen in your life.
Eight. I don't really care for Halloween, just the movies on tv.
Nine. I don't like to cook.
Ten. I need to get a job.
Eleven. I like Chuck Palahniuk because he makes me think about things.
Twelve. Ferocious lions = my favourite animals.
Thirteen. I'm afraid that some day my little brother is going to explode and somebody'll end up injured.
Fourteen. If I could be anywhere, I'd be in England or Harry Potter world.
Fifteen. I prefer Freddy over Jason.
Sixteen. The first horror movie I ever watched was Nightmare on Elm Street, at a young age. So, I was pretty much sold.
Seventeen. I'm not really into sports.
Eighteen. I'm on tumblr more than any other website.
Nineteen. My niece is my inspiration.
Twenty. I hugged, I'm done.

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