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Posted: 03 Aug 2019 10:25 AM         Subject: RE: How are the relationships in your life lately?
Friends: I haven’t really had much of a social life lately but I have been out to gigs with some friends. I really need to make time to see some of my friends ASAP and hang out and have a good laugh. I miss them.
Family: got to see my dad last night which was amazing as well as my mother, they were at the same gig venue seeing my brothers play a show.
Got to see two of my brothers, I have missed them and they were genuinely happy to see me which was super adorable.

Missing someone? My best friend but we are going away together next month.
Lonely? Not recently,
Feeling hurt? Yeah.

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Posted: 03 Sep 2019 05:17 PM         Subject: RE: How are the relationships in your life lately?
Friendships - I have a better group of friends than I ever have. They are honest with me, genuine, appreciative, helpful, thoughtful, loyal and supportive. I’m so lucky to have them and I hope they know I feel that way.
Family - Great, actually. I have always had an extremely unhealthy and unstable relationship with my dad. Growing up, I wanted nothing more to be away from him, I was glad when my parents split up, and I ghosted him after I was old enough to be away from him and not have to visit. Recently, I messaged him on a whim and told him I’d sit down for a conversation. The reason I did this was because my mom had told me time and time again, “Danielle, he’s really changed. I don’t know what happened, I guess he’s medicated, or maybe he’s really had a change of heart, he’s changed, he’s changed. We get along now...” etc. After MONTHS of deliberation with myself, I decided to pursue a chance to make amends. So far, so good. Everything my mom has said is true. Temper, gone. Negativity, gone. Sociopathic tendencies, nowhere to be seen, at least not yet. I’m giving it a real chance. I had my gallbladder removed last week, and stayed at my mom’s house to heal. Dad visited, along with my maternal grandmother, who hates him, and we all sat around the table talking casually. I just watched it happen, almost like I was even watching myself. My younger, heartbroken, angry and shattered younger self was smiling warmly.
Romantic - I’m finally with the love of my life after so long of having feelings for her. We were best friends for over a year before we got together. Sometimes you build these things up in your head to be better than it ever could be, but not this. I can’t describe the feeling of being this at peace. I’m flourishing on my own, finally, and she’s a bonus happy.
Pets - My doggo, Opie, is the most beautiful creature in my world.

Missing someone - Yes.
Mad at someone - Nope.
Having trouble loving someone - Nope.
In love - Very much.
Crushing - Crushing hard, man.
Wanting someone - Nope. I have everything I want.
Lonely - Despite living alone, I never really feel lonely anymore.
Feeling hurt by someone - Nope.
Wishing you had a better relationship with someone - No. Everything is going well!
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