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Posted: 11 Oct 2009 02:27 PM       Subject: Relationship Advice Needed.
Okay. This is going to be lame, and long, but if you read it and give me your opinion I'll seriously love you forever. Ha, even if I don't know you. Anyway onto the touchy feely stuff.

So I've known this guy like a year. We've dated on and off, that lame situation, but our relationship has been built on lies, and a bunch of awkward time. He was dating someone online when I met him. Then he ended it for me and we started dating, but while we were dating he was still talking to her. That was the first mess. I told him I didn't like him talking to her since she lived hundreds of miles away and I was right down the road.
He's older then me, but has less life experience. He used to be a hard core Christian so when we were together and I wanted to kiss and do what normal couples do he wasn't into it because he didn't know how and I did. He never felt comfortable around me. We had goodish communication so that was okay. As our relationship grew I started I messed up. I cheated on him. I was drunk, which is how I usually end up getting with people in the first place. He didn't do anything. He said he forgave me right off the bat. He used to never get angry around me, or at me. Later I found out he had still been talking to this girl on the net, and I read through a message on his myspace about him posing as a doctor and sending her a message saying he was in critical condition. Weird..It bugged me for the longest time. That was all awhile ago.
Recently we broke up and I didn't talk to him for two weeks, which is a century for us. I got drunk again and messed around with someone my best friend, who happens to be my cousin, was interested in. I was so guilty and stressed I broke down and talked to him. It was going okay for awhile, then he started getting all sore on the fact I told him I never loved him like the way he loved me. We talked for like 2 hours on the phone sorting out our relationship and we decided to be friends. Well I as a dummy who can get over things fast started talking about messing around with my best friends love interest, and he started acting aggrevated and told me he was jealous. So I stopped.
Saturday he drove me up to my bestfriend's since I don't drive and she's broke. We then drove over to the boy my cousin is STILL interested in..that's another story, and after getting rejected by him..We went back to her place and got drunk, my cousin invited someone from the internet over. Drew, my ex/still friend, was having trouble breathing after playing football so he was laying down while me and my cousin were doing shots, the internet guy came over so I woke Drew up so he could watch the other guy so he wouldn't run off and kill us or something. Well Drew starting drinking the pain off, and I was already there, and that night stuff happened that friends don't do. I kinda found a spark, but then today happened. Drew said he was in the hospital for his breathing problems..but I called the hospital and they say they have no record of him being a patient today. So I was thinking about going back out with him, but this happens..So I just don't know how the heck to deal with this or my emotions at the moment so any advice would help. I don't have many friends..Like 2 including drew and my cousin, so if you say drop him, I'll only have one, but at the same time I don't want a liar who lies about being sick in my life. Gahd.
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Posted: 11 Oct 2009 02:39 PM         Subject: RE: Relationship Advice Needed.
Alrighty're in a big mess here chickie-poo! :l

But, I don't even have words to say right now...uhm, I really want to help you. Hmm, I think you should really drop him if that happenes...sorry if you only have 1 person now, but you and him are going to be like that, that's just crazy yah know?
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Posted: 08 Nov 2009 08:56 PM         Subject: RE: Relationship Advice Needed.
Relationships wont survive when I relationship is based on lies. Little white lies are understandable but thats rarely. I think you should not be with him and find someone who really makes you happy and speaks the truth to you. No one wants to be lied to. I hope you find someone who makes you happy and feel very special like a real love would.
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