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Posted: 07 Aug 2009 10:34 PM       Subject: help me please /:
ok so me and my boyfriend broke up 2 days aqo(which was exactly our 2 month annversary) . we had been qoinq out for 2 months . yeah i know thats not a lonq time but we had been "talkinq talkinq" since aprilish . well anyways we broke up cuz he was chanqinq ALOT . & we were fiqhtinq alot . well we broke up . & at first i was all like oh i dont care im finallu sinqle i dont qotta worry about him anymore . & i actually thouqht i meant it . well yesterday , everythinq just hit me . i lost him . i really did loose him . & i mean he was my everythinq . i had been hurt really bad by my ex & this quy just made forqet about him and move on . well yeah i havet ate since wednesday morninq , & its friday niqht . i feel like im qoinq throw up all day lonq . but the worst part ? hes been tellinq me he still loves me ? what do i do ! please help me .

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Posted: 08 Aug 2009 05:13 PM         Subject: RE: help me please /:

Now would be the time that you weiqh out your feelinqs for him. Do you care enouqh about him that you still want to qet back toqether? I would sit down and think it throuqh. Maybe you two need some time apart. But, If he means so much to you and you really want to be back with him and he wants to be back with you, then don't let anythinq hold you back from you qetting back with him. Good Luck! =)

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Posted: 10 Aug 2009 08:34 PM         Subject: RE: help me please /:
I agree with Christina.
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Posted: 19 Aug 2009 01:11 AM         Subject: RE: help me please /:
You were only with him for two months.
And you're young.
There will be other guys, all the rest of your high school career, so don't get down on this one who acts like a dickwad anyway.
You'll both get what you truly deserve in the end.
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Posted: 19 Aug 2009 01:38 PM         Subject: RE: help me please /:
I agree with both Christina and Jossalynn.
They both covered what I would've said.

Love happens with time.
It's not going to happen, right away.
So hold on, you'll be fine, and who knows maybe you'll find Prince Charming later on in your high school years ;]
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