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Posted: 17 May 2012 03:16 PM       Subject: never thought i would end up being that girl..
well the wonderful people of bzoink,
i have never been the one to be asking for support or prayers but this time it is highly needed. yesterday i went to my doctor for my results of some tests they took last week on my stomach. the results came back not so good. turns out, i have a 98% positive feedback of having ovarion lukemia. ovarion lukemia is a cancer that affects the ovaries of women. the cancer can be stopped possibly, by doing rounds of chemotherapy and radiation and also when the amount of cancer shrinks, it can be surgically removed. there is still a 25% chance the cancer could spread in my case. my doctor told me they were going to send another set of my test results to a lab in a bigger, more technologically advanced labratory to see what the results of those tests would be but he also told me i needed to start preparing to do chemo. i am so worried. i dont know what do anymore. i never thought i would become that girl that ends up having cancer. i mean for the most part, i have had a really healthy life. i planned on joining the air force and i have a date that i am going to leave for basic next year. me and my lovely fiancee are going to get married before i go to basic. i have a great future in store for me so why does this have to happen right now?? i need some support right now and so i need some words of advice and wisdom. if you have any, please let me know. thankyou
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Posted: 17 May 2012 05:29 PM         Subject: RE: never thought i would end up being that girl..
One of my closest friends has just gotten over cancer. I know it seems like your world is being torn apart right now but trust me, things can only get better. Please stay strong and try to think positive. Just because you are ill, it should not stop you from doing anything you wanna do. The only way this will "ruin" your future is if you let it. My friend stayed at university and carried on with his life as best he could, cherishing every moment, and even when he lost all his hair he still had a massive smile on his face!
He is fine now, and I am sure you will be too :]
You will get the help that you need and I really hope everything goes well for you! :]
I don't doubt that you have a wonderful family who will be there for you. Just know that you're not alone and there is always somebody to talk to.
Remember, try to stay strong and keep your head up. Things can only get better, ♥
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