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Posted: 15 Jul 2009 09:55 PM       Subject: My nightmare i had last night.
Okay i had this nightmare last night. Im gonna tell you about it coz i woke up crying last ngiht because of it.
Here it goes.
Okay in my ngihtmare i was still at the meadows and Marnia came there. And when we all got called out for breakfast i saw her and just stopped dead in my tracks. Tyia (she was my roommate there) said "autumn dude whats with you?" and i responded "it-t's marnia." and tyia looked at the girl i was looking at and said "what that new girl?" and is aid "yeah she i guess you could say emotionally abused me." tyia said "wow." then we went on. And then during group marnia had noticed that i was there and kept giving me dirty loosk. and i didnt wanna say anything about what was going on because i knew her outside of there. and she would automatically tell otehr people. so when it was my turn in group i didnt repsond to any of the questions that the leader asked me. And finally they said" autumn, Whats wrong with you today? why wont you talk?" and i pointed to marnia. the groupleader said "what about marnia?" i said "i know her out of here, shes part of the reason i started to cut more freantly." and then marnia started yelling and well long story short we got into a fight and soon it became phyical and we ended up having to get restrained because of how much we were beating on each other. i ended up having a broken jaw and a broken hand and alot of bruises (some from her and some from being restarined) and she had a broken nose and alot of bruises and scartches.
But yeah then i woke up and was crying. I hate that girl so much.

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Posted: 15 Jul 2009 09:59 PM         Subject: RE: My nightmare i had last night.
Omgosh that would be a scary nightmare.

I had a dream I was in my moms car and I was having a seizure in the car. My mom kept driving but was looking at me saying NO NO NO and there were kids playing on the ground as we kept driving and my mom kept running over them because she wasn't paying attention to the road. I woke up I was sooooo scared.

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Posted: 16 Jul 2009 02:11 PM         Subject: RE: My nightmare i had last night.
Yeah it's a tough thing to have dreams about people who have done bad things to you. Like one time I had a dream about someone who hurt me and it was kinda scary b/c you don't want to see them and dreams are supposed to be good things. But to me having dreams where you have to face people who have done something bad to you is like facing your fears.
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Posted: 16 Jul 2009 02:19 PM         Subject: RE: My nightmare i had last night.
I had a nightmare about school. I hate school. X(
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