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Posted: 24 Apr 2009 01:53 AM       Subject: not happy.
i just need to put this out there.
and it would be good to get some others opinions on what i should do.
but my boyfriend seems like he only cares about himself!
its sooooo annoying
all he ever talks about is him. and what he wants from me.
and he seriously reckons he's gonna get in my pants. which is really scary sometimes.
and he goes to school with one of my best friends,
who he is good frineds with too
and she was upset. so he asked what was wrong.
and so she explained and then he said he didnt give an eff!
and wait. but theres more.
she got cut, which she had the right to, so he called her a wh*re for like no reason
he even said to me he didnt have a reason. and that he wasnt joking.
which is nooootttt cool at all.
like omg.
im so annoyed at him. i cant beleive he did that!
and then i had a go at him about it, and then he got cut at me!
and so we didnt talk for like a few hours
and then i asked
"are you p'd off at me"
and he said
"i dont know"
so i said
"do you even care?"
and he said
"i dont know"

so now im like hell confused.
sorry guys i just had to get it out there.
i feel better now anywayss
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Posted: 25 Apr 2009 03:15 AM         Subject: RE: not happy.
Guys are very confusing...

You should just like give him some space maybe? Ignore him for a while...see what he does...don't talk to him and let HIM come to you...

He should care about you, not obsess about himself...

If it's not going well, maybe he isn't meant for you?

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Posted: 25 Apr 2009 11:42 PM         Subject: RE: not happy.
i think the best thing to do in this situation is to wait and let him approach you because i have learnt that sucking up or crawling back to them is always what they want you and expect you to do.
so if you dont then they know its their fault not yours.
if you need any advice im always here and always happy to chat.
roxy xoxo

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Posted: 26 Apr 2009 12:40 AM         Subject: RE: not happy.
In my opinion. He's not worth that at all.
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Posted: 26 Apr 2009 11:50 PM         Subject: RE: not happy.
I agree with the above.

He's not worth it.
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