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Posted: 18 Aug 2009 09:32 AM       Subject: Happy I'm Dead.
My friend Angel wrote this. He wanted me to post it & see what you guys think. :) He's to lazy to actually sign up & do it himself.

Happy I'm Dead.

The landscape flies by.
As we drive in the bus.
All of the children.
Are making such a fuss.
But I sit alone.
As I write in my book.
No one bothers.
To give me a second look.
Yelling and screaming.
Their voices filled with glee.
While my soul is still dying.
It sickens me.
How could they be so cruel?
So blinded by youth?
So foolishly happy.
They can’t see the truth?
The truth that the world is painful.
That not everything is good.
Then you came along.
And I thought you understood.
You said all those things.
And I believed them to be true.
Turns out, they were just more lies.
Coming from you.
I tried to push you away.
But you kept coming back.
I began to break.
From your relentless attack.
So if you won’t go away.
I will, forever.
No longer will they say.
“They look so happy together.”
The happiness was just a lie.
Just like everything you ever said.
But now we can both be happy.
Happy I’m dead.

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