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Posted: 13 May 2009 10:29 AM       Subject: The Yearning

The Yearning
Christina Marie

my heart turns violently inside my chest
my mind cant seem to take a rest
all i think about is you

my lips quiver when i speak your name
knowin im the one to blame
the reason your not in my arms today

violently my heart yearns for your touch
oh how i miss you so much
&& i was the fool to let you go

i contemplate the love i lost
the love that came at such a cost
i wish i would of kept you here

My mind is telling me your gone
But my heart is telling me I'm wrong
That you'll come back to me again

I cry out with a broken scream
In hopes that it all is just a dream
But it seems your gone....

My heart.. still fighting to let you go
&& all i really want you to know...
is that i love you

Please tell me what you think (:

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Posted: 14 May 2009 04:58 AM         Subject: RE: The Yearning
Nice.. :)
The other one is really good as well :D

You're pretty good at this poetry stuff :)

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