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Posted: 29 Apr 2009 08:04 PM       Subject: The Night Dances
Firstly i'd just like to give some background, I think it's important that people understand what it is the poem is on about, idk I think it's easier to enjoy that way.
This is a poem by Sylvia Plath, if you havn't heard of her, she is a very intriguing person, and I could write a load of stuff but i'm not going to, anyway I think she's rather fascinating. If you don't want to read what the poem is about just read the poem a little further below :p or read the explanation after, it's up to you, but personally I like to know a bit about it before I start.

This poem is about her son 'dancing' in his cot (the movements he makes before falling asleep) and her and Ted Hughes (her husband) watching him.

She want's to remember her son as he is now, and she doesn't want to forget about his beauty.
First she compares him to lillys 'calla' and 'tiger' (colours are important here)
then she compares her memories to a comet 'flaking'
She uses the word 'flaking' as a double meaning to mean snow flakes at the very end of the poem, each one individual and beautifull but ultimetly they dissolve very quikly.

Ultimatly memories are forgotton, someone who wasn't there will be able to explain it rationally, but no one will ever have that memory.

The Night Dances

A smile fell in the grass.

And how will your night dances
Lose themselves. In mathematics?

Such pure leaps and spirals-
Surely they travel

The world forever, I shall not entirely
Sit emptied of beauties, the gift

Of your small breath, the drenched grass
Smell of your sleep, lillies, lillies,

Their flesh bears no relation.
Cold folds of ego, the calla,

And the tiger, embellishing itself-
Spots, and a spread of hot petals.

The comets
Have such a space to cross.

Such coldness, forgefulness.
So your gestures flake off -

Warm and human, then their pink light
Bleeding and peeling

Through theblack amnesias of heaven.
Why am I given

These lamps, these planets
Falling like blessings, like flakes

Six-sided, white
On my eyes, my lips, my hair

Touching and melting.
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