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Posted: 27 Apr 2009 03:55 AM       Subject: Hope.
Have you ever had something that you have hoped for strongly? Has it died? Has it been crushed? Crushed enough that you will not be able to pick up the pieces in order to hope once more for that particular thing? I'm sure it has happened to everyone, hopes have died within time or they have been crushed enough to never hope for it again.

Have you ever wondered, that once a hope is crushed; another hope arises within time? Have you ever thought of that? Recently, I've had thoughts about this kind of thing; and this is my conclusion on Hope:

Hope for a particular thing, within time; they either died, get crushed, or even come true; if you are lucky enough that is, or put all your will and heart to it. Gain the confidence to hope for that particular thing.

If it has died, or been crushed; Have you found yourself hoping for something new? Something to hope for? Even if you are pessimistic over the hope that has recently died, it is revived. In a completely different way, with a different hope; and a different sense of confidence.

Hope.. can die within time they are reborn into different hope with a different sense of optimism.

Reincarnation of Hope.

That's how I like to see it as, seeing that hope can die and be reborn later on; it is like reincarnation.
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Posted: 28 Apr 2009 04:22 PM         Subject: RE: Hope.
Wow. This is so true. (:
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