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Posted: 01 Apr 2009 11:21 AM       Subject: BURN! a poem by Mixx
When I wrote this poem I was feeling a major amount of spite towards one of my exes whom I just realized never was perfect for me. The war between us was so cruel that I ended up writing poems like this...


I canít take the pain
Loving you is just to insane
You donít know how to love
How can you say you know the feeling
Your older, but your mindís so young
I look back and donít know what Iíve done
These feelings burn
But Iíd rather feel them
Cause the lust I felt those days
You know they took a toll on me
You say your the man
Dude, you are just a little boy
Pathetic and weak
Who gets out of a problem
And gets into something much worse
Do you feel the burn
I know that itís there
You can deny the pain
But someday youíll know the meaning
Of course, then itíd be to late
Iíd have already forgotten you
Itís too late to apologize
But never too late to feel the burn
Do you feel it
Cause I know I have felt the burn
Dang you skippy! You made off with my aspirin and tied my hands together before I could fricken beat you! Okay, okay! You win! Now untie me!

Hahahahaha HA! Now that I am free I shall eat you! CHOMP!
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