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Posted: 30 Apr 2013 10:15 PM       Subject: 20 Facts 2 1/2.
I feel as Bzoinkers, we should get to know each other better. Unfortunately a thread "20 Facts Dos" aka: is too old to reply to.

So let's just continue it here, shall we?
You just state twenty facts about yourself. Yay.


1. My name is Danielle. I figured I'd mention that. Hi.
2. The three things I love most in life are as follows: Sports, food and boys.
3. I am very sarcastic and usually people shouldn't take me seriously.
4. I have some undiagnosed anxiety problems that I need to sort out.
5. I have had feelings for the same boy for almost three years!
6. I'm not that pathetic in other areas of my life, I promise.
7. I watch hockey, baseball and football religiously.
8. I'm a proud New Englander and I currently live in Massachusetts.
9. My biggest celebrity crush is Sammy Adams, a musical artist.
10. I have a writing blog on Tumblr that I post on pretty often.
11. I'm very nostalgic when it comes to music and I like listening to old music.
12. I met one of my best friends on here five years ago. Hi, Aisha.
13. I have a strange fascination with World War II.
14. My favorite bands are Two Door Cinema Club, fun., Young the Giant, and Walk the Moon.
15. I think I might dye my hair a dark red-purple.
16. I love to read and I hope I have enough time to read all the books I want to read.
17. I'm usually very warm.
18. I haven't dated anybody since my freshman year.
19. I like when people are honest with me.
20. I want to see Jason Mraz in concert so badly.
"And though she be but little, she is fierce."

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Posted: 30 Apr 2013 10:40 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts 2 1/2.
1. My name is Lauren.
2. I'm a "snobby" Catholic school kid who wears a uniform.
3. I wouldn't mind learning Japanese.
4. I'm naturally an introvert.
5. One of my friends especially means the world to me.
6. I run track even though I'm not very athletic.
7. Water is my favorite thing to drink.
8. I'm using my phone instead of a computer.
9. My birthday is in the summer.
10. My interests revolve around music, anime, video games and books.
11. The Breakfast Club is my favorite movie.
12. I'm really into history.
13. I love thunderstorms.
14. I live in the mid-west (Michigan)
15. My dog is a yellow lab.
16. I eat way too much.
17. I have a weird obsession with lists.
18. My favorite Bleach character is Renji.
19. I used to play soccer.
20. I'm ready for summer.

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Posted: 01 May 2013 02:42 AM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts 2 1/2.
1. My name is Amy. Hey there.
2. I live in Australia; far south coast of New South Wales, to be exact.
3. I spell words with an extra "U", if you hadn't already noticed from other parts of the forums. :wink:
4. I'm in year 12 at school, which means I finish in about six months.
5. I want to go to university and do a Bachelor of Commerce specialising in Event Management.. but at this point in time, I don't know if it's going to happen. My grades are slipping and I don't know if I'd be able to afford it anyway.
6. My first best friend's name was Michelle.. and guess what? She's still my best friend.
7. I drink A LOT of milk. At least two glasses a day.
8. My favourite band is The Amity Affliction and I saw them live for the fourth time on Sunday night.
9. One of my guilty pleasures is K-Pop.
10. My parents have separated and my father has found a new partner, giving me a half-brother and a half-sister. I love them like they're my full siblings.
11. I live with both my father and mother equally (or at least, as equally as possible).
12. I turned eighteen about a month ago, which means I can now legally drink, smoke, gamble, etc.
13. At school I'm doing Advanced English, General Mathematics, Business Studies, Economics and Music.
14. Music is a very large part of my life. I play guitar and drums.
15. I think I'm running out of things to say about myself.
16. My favourite tv show is How I Met Your Mother and because the new episodes don't air on Australian television as soon as they come out, I feverishly search the web for a download link as soon as I can.
17. I have a strange obsession with the United States of America. I regularly go on Google Maps and adventure around the states and check out all the towns and cities and learn about them. My favourite is Sacramento. I would love to visit there someday.
18. I tend to repeat myself.
19. I use Twitter and Tumblr regularly.
20. I can never decide if I'm hot or cold and I'm always taking off or putting on clothes, or adjusting the temperature.

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Posted: 01 May 2013 04:33 AM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts 2 1/2.
1. I'm Kelly, I'm 22 and I'm from Ireland.
2. I'm currently in my final year of university studying a double honours in English and philosophy.
3. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do once I graduate. I'm thinking of taking a year out to save for a masters or Hdip and then study to be a journalist or a secondary school English teacher.
4. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years now.
5. My passions include nature, sports (particularly GAA) and travelling.
6. I've been playing camogie since I was 8 years old. It's an Irish sport- the female version of hurling.
7. I'm considering moving to China/Japan next year to teach the English language to school kids in order to save money to go back to college, but I'd first have to save money for it. *sigh*
8. I work part-time in a local chip shop, making a poor wage and burning myself repeatedly.
9. This week I've two essays and a presentation to get done before Friday... it's not going well.
10. This year so far has been the fastest year of my life.
11. I'm not sure what else to say...
12. I'm rather shy and quiet, so people usually don't know what to think of me.
13. My main fears are failure and lifelong misery.
14. My hopes for the future include a good career, travelling and finding inner happiness. I know that sounds lame.
15. I'm very proud to be Irish, but I'll have to emigrate if I hope to get a job.
16. My chest just got sore all of a sudden.
17. Reading is among my favourite past times. There's nothing quite like getting immersed in a good book.
18. I should really go eat breakfast, my belly isn't impressed with me.
19. I live with four of my best friends, however, one is going to New Zealand for a year and then she's off to France for an Erasmus.
20. My best friend Andrea has been my best friend for 17 years now :)
My name is Kelly


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Posted: 01 May 2013 04:15 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts 2 1/2.
1. My name is Kelly as well. One of the several Kellys on here. :-)
2. I love to go hiking and trail biking.
3. I'm 23 years old, but I look closer to 19 or 20.
4. I have a pet guinea pig named Turbo.
5. I've lived in a few towns in northeast Ohio since 1993. I previously lived in New Orleans and Delaware.
6. My hubby and I are moving to northern Virginia on May 23rd. I'm excited. :-P
7. I'm passionate about science and technology.
8. I have my bachelor's degree in aeronautics, and although I did enjoy college/flight school, I sometimes wonder if it was really worth all the stress.
9. I have a low tolerance for hot weather. Anything over 70° is too hot for me.
10. I have a younger brother, he'll be turning 20 this year.
11. I'm incredibly stubborn and I have a very bad procrastination habit. Bad combo.
12. I've worked in airport operations since I was 19.
13. Most of my ancestors came to America from England in the 1600's and 1700's.
14. I'm prone to getting pre-cancerous moles and I've had to have seven removed so far.
15. I love all dogs, but I especially love large breeds like German Shepherds and Bernese Mountain Dogs.
16. Neither my hubby or I have any exes. We're each other's one-and-only. :-)
17. I was a competition pilot from ages 19-21.
18. I don't eat processed meat.
19. I'm an introvert and a bit of a loner, but I'm not nearly as shy as I used to be.
20. I lose track of time easily.
- Kelly -

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Posted: 02 May 2013 02:06 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts 2 1/2.
1. My name is Christina, but that's kind of obvious by my username.
2. I am 26 years old.
3. I was born premature January 31st, 1987.
4. I graduated from Keystone College last year with a Bachelors Degree in Communications.
5. I am currently unemployed, but actively looking for a job.
6. My dream jobs are a NASCAR announcer, PR for NASCAR, or a writer.
7. I LOVE NASCAR especially Brian Scott, Jeremy Mayfield, Brian Vickers, Carl Edwards, and Jamie McMurray.
8. I love Football especially the Giants and Steelers.
9. I was raised by my dad and his parents.
10. I live with my grandparents and my dad lives next door.
11. I have 3 half sisters, 2 half brothers, and a half brother in law, but I love them all like they are full siblings.
12. I have one nephew named Phoenix who i love to death.
13. I love all of my little cousins more than life itself and babysitting them gives me great joy.
14. I collect NASCAR diecast cars and cards and football cards.
15. I have 2 best friends Mary Clare and Sarah who are both awesome.
16. I live in Pennsylvania.
17. I love pretty much all forms of entertainment meaning internet, tv, music stuff llike that.
18. I would give anything to live in North Carolina.
19. I have a coordination disorder, anxiety, depression, and fibromyalgia.
20. I have 2 middle names (given and confirmation) Beth Rose.

There's 20 facts about me ENJOY!

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Posted: 02 May 2013 03:32 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts 2 1/2.
#1. my name is Keena
#2. I will be 22 next month it feels like just yesterday i was in Kindergarden I'm getting old :0 I don't feel grown up at all ha the older I get life is a trip
#3. I'm a Gemini I was born June 8th, 1991
#4. I live in my own little fantasy world 9/10 times which effects me living a normal reality sadly but it relieves me in a sense
#5. I still don't know what I want to do with my life I mean I wish for me and my boyfriend/fiance of three years to have our own place of course and be happy and travel and etc but I feel like it'll be a while before that happens
#6. I love cats as much as dogs even though I never owned one when I'm at home with m folks i volunteer at the local petsmart adoption center with the cats and feed socialize and clean out their cages and simply adore them.
#7 I recently found out while staying with my grandma at the ending of last year that my dad isn't my real dad my mom never told me and that kinda messed with my head a bit that she thought it was okay for me to never know that I mean i appreciate the dad I have now but I would like to know who my real one is but I feel like i will never know
#8. my favorite Chinese dish is Beef and Broccoli with white steamed rice
#9. I always wanted a sister when I was younger I ended up having a brother I was a bit disappointed even though that's what my parents wanted now that I am older I am kinda glad i didn't she would have been looking up to me as a role model maybe and I feel like I would have failed her
#10. I got addicted to the internet at a young age but in middle school is when i was on chat rooms and myspace and etc it's my outlet i guess because I don't have any friends or much of a life so I mentally be-friend people online like I know/known them I know its kinda pathetic but oh well.
#11. I kinda crave different foods like a pregnant person i blame my fast metabolism
#12. my boyfriend and I share the same zodiac sign which I think is very cool.
#13.I live in Maryland I can't tell you how boring it is or maybe it's just me not having money to have fun and do things or have people to hang out, some parts are good I suppose but some parts the people are leech like when it comes to trends and fitting in and ignorant and rude I rather live somewhere in Europe or another state.
#14. I want to learn French,Korean,German,Dutch,Chinese
#15. my favorite flowers are the lotus and roses and tiger lilies
#16. I lost my virginity at 18 to my current boyfriend/fiance
#17. I love seafood like lobster,scallops,shrimp and crabmeat
#18. my Dad found a German Shepherd late last year he decided to name Lucky she's very playful and energetic I love when I go home because she's there she keeps me company and I enjoy walking her and having her lay beside my bed at night.
19. I never had a legit job I don't think there's a job for me honestly sometimes I feel like an alien like I'm not apart of this world or time etc or that I lived so long ago many lives and I'm living this current life and don't exactly know what's going on.
20. there are so many tattoo ideas I have i want them all on me

the boom box on my shoulder was a box of clementines
I ate every single one without noticing the mold
you said you're gross my darling, i said no i'm rock and roll
even though i'd never ever been in a band
i got cool as black ice tattooed on my hand
and the christians gave me comic books as if i would be scared
of burning in hell when i was already there.


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Posted: 21 Aug 2013 04:36 AM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts 2 1/2.
1. My name is Jonghee.
2. I'm 18 years old and I was born on January 13th.
3. I'm from South Korea.
4. I was never given an English name, but my name is easy enough to pronounce.
5. I speak Korean and I have conversational Japanese skills.
6. I started learning English when I was 10 years old and did a lot of extra classes to get at the skill level I'm at now.
7. I live with my mother and father right now while I'm still at school, but I'll be leaving soon.
8. I have an older brother. His Korean name is Jongin but his English name is Kai, so most people call him that.
9. I love dancing and practice with a dance group once a week, sometimes more.
10. I'm going by other people's facts to know what I should write about.
11. I have a pet cat named Moire and she's my best friend.
12. Seafood is one of my favourite things to eat.
13. One day I would love to have a lot of tattoos.
14. I think I'm a pretty outgoing person and don't have a lot of trouble taking to people.
15. I use my phone a lot and almost always have at least one earbud in my ear, listening to music.
16. I would really love to become a hotel manager or travel guide.
17. I don't like being alone and regularly invite family friends or school friends over to my house, just to watch movies, listen to music or study with me so I have some sort of company.
18. I have a lot of celebrity obsessions and my favorite idol group is EXO.
19. I am attracted to tall and skinny boys.
20. I love watching anime.

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Posted: 10 Dec 2013 10:41 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts 2 1/2.
1. My name is Bobbie Alexis Garcia.
2. I am newly 16 since October 15th (libra).
3. I have depression and cut myself often and am anorexic and have anxiety disorder so that makes me jump at the slightest things.
4. I don't trust easily- bullied a lot throughout the years.
5. I have three cats who I would do anything for.
6. I am in all honors and AP classes.
7. I'm really fun to be around despite my depressing story & make friends easily :/
8. I have a sister named Amy who annoys me but I love her along with my whole family <3
9. I'm single and just got out of a break up 2 weeks ago but feel awesome!
10. I love making videos, editing, photography !!!
11. I have 0 best friends at the moment.
12. I read fan fiction for Hey Arnold and write it!
13. Gay (boyxboy) Wattpad stories are my addiction! I know weird…
14. I take French class and am going to become fluent in it.
15. I am like crazy obsessed with boys and if I don't have a crush I will literally search for one. I know pathetic…. :(
16. I actually have more guy friends than girl friends.
17. I'm am a tomboy and girly girl at the same time.
18. I live in PA in the suburbs :)
19. I will and I mean will live in NY when I leave home.
20. I play the cello, violin, piano and guitar and I sing and do musicals and plays.

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Posted: 15 Dec 2013 12:49 AM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts 2 1/2.
1. I'm Kaylee to most people.
2. I'm Christian
3. Music is my pleasure
4. I'm enlisted and leave for basic next summer 5. I have 2 dogs and a turtle
6. I have 3 best friends (used to be more, but..)
7. I love to skate
8. I wish my hair was black with a blue tint
9. I dislike almost all the idiots in my school
10. I'm a proud Griffindor
11. I'm married (he just doesn't know it)
12. Sometimes I'm funny..
13. Thinking about myself is hard
14. I'm running out of facts.
15. I have a strong obsession with Titanic
16. I like my dog better than most people
17. I LOVE history
18. I read... a lot.
19. I like food and sleep
20. Sometimes I forget how to count.

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Posted: 17 Dec 2013 05:15 AM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts 2 1/2.
1. My name is Kayla.
2. I am 25 years old and have been using Bzoink for over ten years and i'm still obsessed with it (:
3. I have two beautiful children, a boy and a girl who are both exactly a year and one week apart.
4. I am severely depressed to the point where I stay up all night, but once i'm asleep I hope never to wake again.
5. I'm pretty much married.
6. I only have one best friend, I only trust one people with my everything.
7. I hate CHristmas
8. I am a chronic nail biter.
9. I'd rather drink red bull then to ever eat again,
10. I hate sushi, it freaks me out.
11. I live in Ohio.
12. I'm obsessed with Pretty Little Liars.
13. I manage a restaurant.
14. I am a very nice person, but I know how to be a bitch.
15. I eat entirely too much... I could do it all day long to stop by boredom.
16. I hate doing laundry.
17. I am the only person in my house allowed to cook.
18. I am possesive over what's mine.
19. I can be very jealous.
20. I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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Posted: 06 May 2014 09:44 AM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts 2 1/2.
This is really late but I'm really bored and just happen to come across this. So yeah, let's do this.

1. My name is Melissa.
2. I will be moving in less than a month for the first time in my life.
3. I'm in an interracial relationship that will be a marriage in less than a month.
4. I hate when people drink something at the same time as me.
5. My favorite bands are Three Days Grace and Shinedown.
6. I use to wear bright colored clothes and now I barely have any.
7. I'm slowly joining the anime world. I have seen Attack on Titan, Avatar:The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
8. I love the Walking Dead, though I am behind one season.
9. I draw people. But I hate drawing.
10. I can't even count 5 real friends.
11. The only time I get out of my house is when I have to go to work or school.
12. I am the most hard working lazy person you will ever meet.
13. I love to sing, because singing makes me feel a whole lot better.
14. I could eat mashed potatoes for the rest of my life. I always have to have a lot of gravy, of course.
15. I don't open up to anyone really. I only tell them what I don't mind them hearing.
16. I made a promise to my best friend a year and a half ago about stopping self harm. I have self harmed 4 times since.
17. I have a ton of eyeshadow in my makeup drawer.
18. I always wear my hair natural. If it is up or it is straightened, it must mean that I overslept.
19. I am 17 years old, and I have been looking forward to the day I turn 18 for three years. It's just 20 days away.
20. I love Pretty Little Liars.
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chores--tonights the night, for the sinners and the saints, two worlds collide, in a beautiful display, its our love tonight, when we step across the line, we can sail across the sea, to a city with one king, to a city on our knees. a city on our knees...(continued)
--part of:
city on our knees, by toby mac.

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Posted: 07 May 2014 08:52 AM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts 2 1/2.
1. This is my second set of 20 facts about myself and I hope I don't run out of things to say.
2. The last time I wrote a bunch of facts about myself, I was still 6 months from finishing school. I'm now touring with a band as a sound technician.
3. Sometimes I think about my life and how proud I am of myself and how surreal everything is.
4. My ultimate goal is to record and produce music.
5. This time last year, I wanted to go to university and study event management but life has taken me down another path.
6. I'm currently in a relationship with a man who I think is absolutely perfect for me and the best part is that he thinks the same about me.
7. The last month of my life has been total insanity. I've visited the most amazing cities, met some incredible people and made some strong friendships.
8. I just spent 16 hours on a bus across the country, but we made the most of it.
9. I turned nineteen years old a month ago and now that I think about it, the last month has gone pretty quickly.
10. My baby sister turns eighteen in five months. I can't believe it, but I'm really looking forward to taking her out for her first drinks.
11. I would love to improve my skills in Japanese and take a trip to Japan, but learning vocabulary is very time-consuming and pretty difficult. I think I'm going to try watching more complex and mature animes without subtitles or dubs to improve my vocab.
12. I have several tattoos. My first was a bluebird behind my ear, and then I got my half sleeve on my left arm last year. I also now have the Japanese character for 'love' on my ankle, a script of my favourite lyrics on my ribs, cherry blossoms on my hipbone and back of shoulder/neck and a steampunk clock on my upper arm. I've spent a lot of money on them but to me, they're more than worth it.
13. I used to watch movies all the time, but I think I have watched two movies this entire year.
14. I have been focusing a lot on my vocals and trying to improve my skills. Being around vocalists almost 24 hours a day really motivates me and it's incredible to get tips from people I look up to.
15. I'm becoming more confident in myself and the way I carry myself. I'm learning to love myself for everything I am.
16. I bought my first pair of ugg boots last month and they're the best investment I've ever made.
17. I broke my nose in a crowd last October, and I still have a scar on the left bridge of my nose and under my eye.
18. I have a bit of an addiction to Snapchat.
19. Next year, I hope to mortgage my dream car, a Subaru Impreza WRX.
20. That's all from me for now.

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Posted: 28 Jun 2014 11:42 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts 2 1/2.
1.)My name is josh
2.) I was born and raised in New Jersey but live in North Carolina now
3.)I'm currently attending college hoping to get a certificate in computer informations technology
4.) I work at Nabisco as a Stockhandler
5.) I'm single
6.) I have a brother and sister
7.) I love anything to do with zombies (i.e. Walking dead,plants vs zombies)
8.) I'm 25 years old and will be 26 in August
9.) I love filling out surveys when I'm bored
10.) I have a Facebook and Twitter Account
11.) I'm really shy
12.) I'm a fan of Iron man
13.) I've only been in a relationship that lasted 8 months
14.) I like Chinese food and pizza
15.) I'm a big WWE fan
16.) My favorite type of music is Rock
17.)I only have 3 close friends... 2 of which live in New Jersey and the other I live with
18.)I've been to about 3 comic book conventions in North Carolina
19.)I am a good speller
20.)I drive a Honda Civic

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Posted: 25 Jul 2014 11:45 PM         Subject: RE: 20 Facts 2 1/2.
1. I was born in Brisbane, Australia.
2. I lived in Chicago for a year in 2010.
3. Art is my passion and drawing is favorite form.
4. My hobby is DJing.
5. I love theme parks and wild rides.
6. I also love zoos and aquariums.
7. My best friend's names are Michelle and David.
8. I love doing surveys on this site.
9. This is one of my first posts.
10. I'm going to university in Melbourne next February to study Communication and Design.
11. I have moved seven times in my life.
12. My middle name is Olivia.
13. I have a dog named Jess and two cats named Minx and Pebbles.
14. I'm kind of secretive and reclusive.
15. I have a tattoo on my wrist in memory of my sister.
16. I am in a long distance relationship.
17. I have a good relationship with my aunt and my cousins.
18. I have had issues with my kidneys my whole life and may need transplants one day.
19. I have been in two car accidents in my life and both were pretty major.
20. My dad works overseas a lot of the time and I don't see him much.
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