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Posted: 17 Mar 2011 08:02 PM       Subject: Book condition.
Do you take the utmost care of your books, by handling them carefully and making sure that none of the pages get bent or the spine creased?

Or, do you dog-ear your pages and bend it to your heart's content, seeing as it looks well-read?

Me personally? I'm more of the first type.
I get pretty serious about lending them out to people, because creased spines are a pet peeve of my mine. The only books that I own with serious spine problems are my Harry Potter books, because I've had them for so long and I found it impossible to not bend them when I was younger.
I tend to prefer my books in the same condition that I bought them in.

How about everybody else? (:

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Posted: 19 Mar 2011 07:14 PM         Subject: RE: Book condition.
I like to keep my books in good condition.

However, having a little brother sorta cancels some of that out. :C

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Posted: 19 Mar 2011 10:58 PM         Subject: RE: Book condition.
When I was younger, I used my books as carpet skates, blocks, and tents for my power rangers...
BUT, i don't do that now. Any book that I bought over the age of ten is in almost perfect shape.

Actually, my dad does the whole "bending the spine all the way back like a script" thing when he reads. That makes me cringe.

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Posted: 21 Mar 2011 10:33 PM         Subject: RE: Book condition.
My books are kept with utmost care. I'm weird like that.
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Posted: 29 Mar 2011 10:23 AM         Subject: RE: Book condition.
I'm actually more of the second type.
But to an extent. I'm just really meticulous with the spine and I don't really like doing anything to the pages, unless it's an accident. I like when books look worn out, though.
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Posted: 29 Mar 2011 10:29 AM         Subject: RE: Book condition.
I used to keep them looking nice, and I guess if it's kind of a rare book that was hard for me to find simply because there weren't many published in the beginning (nature books, nature memoirs, etc) then I'll still keep them looking nice. BUT, lately if it's a book that I know has millions in print I'll dogear and bend that baby back to make it nice and read looking, it's MY book afterall right? It should have personality.

In fact I just bought three used books last week. Big 800 page ones. Two only had 3 spine creases. The other was nice and worn and was so easy to open and hold. I just finished reading the first one last night, I made sure to loosen that spine up nice and good.
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Posted: 02 Apr 2011 07:46 PM         Subject: RE: Book condition.
Depends really.
I HATE books to be so brand new looking that you can barely open them. I want to actually be able to read the book. So I will crease the spines a bit I suppose. But then again, I don't want them to be so worn out that they look like I can't take care of my things. Or that they're falling apart or something.
So I'm somewhere in the middle I guess.

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Posted: 08 Jun 2011 02:16 PM         Subject: RE: Book condition.
I keep my books in (almost) perfect condition. I use a bookmark so I don't have dog-eared pages. Sometimes a corner of the cover gets slightly bent, other than that, my books are very nice looking.
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