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Posted: 04 Aug 2014 12:01 PM       Subject: WWE 2k15
Now idk if anyone else here is a big fan of WWE wrestling or not, but if so are you looking forward to the game especially since Sting will be in it. Share your thoughts below about the game and what match types and wrestlers/divas you feel should be in it.

Here's what I think

I think having John Cena on the cover of the game is stupid. To all the cenation fans I'm sorry I just can't stand him now. When he was the dr of thuganomics back in the day yes I could tolerate that, but now I just can't stand the guy. You have all this new talent now like Roman Reigns,Seth Rollins,Dean Ambrose, The Wyatt Family, Paige and you choose cena as your cover boy. Yes he's champion and almost tied up with nature boy ric flairs title reign but by all means they could've done a better job with the cover. I really hope they also fix the story mode and make it longer as well because in 2k14 it felt too short in my opinion.

That's my two cents y'all love to hear what you got to say
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