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Posted: 18 Sep 2008 10:51 PM       Subject: boy trouble=/
i need your peoples advice.......idcare if your a boy or a girl.
ok so i like this guy. we're best friends=]] he knows i like him because i told him
and he likes my sister=/
but some people say they think he likes me for these reasons

heres a conversation we had once

he asked me how i was
and i'm all "i'm ok"
Austin:=/ why only ok?
me: it's nothing big, i just feel like i need someone to tell me they love me even if it's as a friend and not over text messages
Austin: well i'm pretty sure i can help with that
a couple minutes later....
*phone ringing*
Me: Hello?
Austin: i love you ashlee *hangs up*
an hour later
Austin: i left you stickers ^_^ (they're lil icons on myspace)
Me: *goes to check stickers.* they say, "I did not hit you...i simply high fived your face" the other one "i trip over flat surfaces"
Me: (texting) meanie
Austin: lol why?
Me: i checked the stickers
Austin: did you check them again?=]
Me: *goes to check stickers again* it says "Love you lots. like tator tots"
Me: i'm just believing that you really love tator tots
Austin: Lol. Yup.
Austin: i gotta go
Me: k love you gnight
Me: *goes to check bumper stickers again. has another one from austin* it says "i'm stalking you"
...soo...whats this all mean? time i jokingly asked him to go out with me and he's all "huh?" and i'm all "i was kidding. ok next question, what would you do if i meant it" and he's all "idk...did you mean it?"

another time we were talking and i was upset and he's all "what's wrong" so i told him that my friend was saying things that i didn't like and he's all " i think i know what..." and i'm all "Ok...what?" and he's all "i think you like wayne (guy from church" "um no.,.." "ok..." "what does that have to do with what Mackenzie said?" "i thought she was telling you that he liked you and you didn't believe her" "no...but she did say that about someone else" "=D who?" "..." "oh...sorry i thought you meant someone else" "it's fine" then he changed the subject....

i'm not sure what else to say...he's called me amazing before...he had to carry me out of thorns before cuz i wasn't wearing shoes ^_^" and he said that was the best part of his day...advice please?? cuz i'm fallin for this guy hard...

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Posted: 18 Sep 2008 10:59 PM         Subject: RE: boy trouble=/
*sigh* oh well...

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Posted: 18 Sep 2008 11:17 PM         Subject: RE: boy trouble=/
You can't expect responses in 8 minutes.. and please don't post the same thing in two different forums, I deleted your other one.

As for the matter at hand, I have no advice, maybe someone else can help you out. Give people time to respond though.
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Posted: 18 Sep 2008 11:33 PM         Subject: RE: boy trouble=/
*shrugs* mmk
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