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Posted: 22 Jan 2011 10:56 AM       Subject: Embarrassing stories.
I have just a few to share with you guys -____- I tend to embarrass myself far too often.

Firstly, I was sitting in my English class talking to a friend, when she pulled a pretty headband out of her bag and told me to try it on. So I put it on then grabbed the pocket mirror I keep in my bag out and sat there for a good four minutes looking at it in the mirror trying to adjust it make it look good. Then my teacher yelled, "Yes, you're beautiful Kirsty!" and everyone looked.. they all thought I was checking myself out or something, but I was just trying to fix the headband. D; It was so embarrassing, and I'm sure I went bright red.

The next one is.. my mom was having a dinner party with about five of her friends so I stayed out of the way, sitting in the living room for most of the night. Well, our kitchen is right next to the living room and I heard one of mom's friends in the kitchen. She said, "Where are the crackers?" so of course I answered back, "They're in the left cupboard, near the fridge." and she said "Thanks" but when I looked up, she was actually talking to my mom who was in the kitchen too, so I was basically talking to myself. Eeeeek. :/

Anyway, you guys should share some of your embarrassing moments. I'd love to hear them. xD
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Posted: 23 Jan 2011 12:27 AM         Subject: RE: Embarrassing stories.
My life. :lol:
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