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Posted: 24 Apr 2007 11:17 AM       Subject: Downtime
Sorry for the downtime of about 12 hours.

Initially, it wasn't my fault. It appears the data center went offline for a little while. I don't know why and I probably never will.

I went to bed assuming that once it came back online all of my servers would still be running fine and everything would be back to normal. Well, apparently not true. I woke up and things were still down. The web server had shut down on me too.

So.. There's no great reason why everything was down for so long. No amazing new features or anything. I'm just as annoyed as you. In fact, probably more so.
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Posted: 25 Apr 2007 12:10 AM         Subject: RE: Downtime
It made me realize how addicted to bzoink and woohu I really am. Even if I don't post, I still visit each site every time I'm online.

Glad it's all back to normal.

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Posted: 25 Apr 2007 10:50 AM         Subject: RE: Downtime
The downtime didn't bother me until about the fifth IM I had from worried Bzoink/Woohu users. Because, you know, I, of course, know where Andy is, what's happening with the servers, and the answer to the universe. Ignoring that I do actually know most of that, most of the time.

And then when I wanted to post the friend service bit and Bzoink was down and I was like "asdajsdhs."
remember when?
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