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Posted: 18 May 2009 05:20 PM       Subject: Wow. Just Wow.
Okay, honestly, what is with Jonas Brothers haters?

I understand if they aren't someone's musical taste, but what is wrong with them as people?
I don't get it!
They are sweet, considerate gentleman.
But people still call them gay...
Uhm, have you seen the magazines?
Kevin and Joe have girlfriends!
I'm not so sure about Nick's marital status, but I'm pretty sure that Kevin and Joe have girlfriends.
But seriously if they were gay, why would it matter?
Gay people are humans too.
People are so freakin' immature.

Anyway, I just needed to get that out.
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Posted: 18 May 2009 05:24 PM         Subject: RE: Wow. Just Wow.
I agree, Monty.
Personally, I am not a fan of Jonas Brothers what so ever.
But I would never call them gay, because, well I don't think they are.
But like you said, even if they were. Does that really matter?

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Posted: 18 May 2009 05:24 PM         Subject: RE: Wow. Just Wow.
I agree, and in reality, this goes for almost every band. You get the people who hate them for no reason, you get the people who love them because they're "hot" and then you get those people who are true fans. It's especially horrible for Jonas Bros. because they're so popular and well known. I was on a fanfiction website and I read a Jonasfic about Nick and some was very well written and you could tell that this person had a lot of talent, but people bashed her writing just because she wrote about JB. How lame is that?

Sometimes people are just immature. :roll: Don't let it get to you.
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Posted: 18 May 2009 05:35 PM         Subject: RE: Wow. Just Wow.
It's ridicules how people base their opinions of bands and singers strictly on their music. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of the Jonas Brothers but really it's immature that the only reason most people hate them is because of their music. You can say you hate their music but saying you hate them because their music is bad is just dumb. They do seem like very sweet guys from what I've heard and even though I'm not the biggest fan of their music I still like them as people.

It seems to me like every successful all male band or male singer gets accused of being gay. Even if the Jonas Brothers were gay why should it matter? They're still the same people the only thing that would have changed is their sexual orientation. There's nothing wrong with being gay. People just like making trouble for the sake of it and that's the way it will always be. The best thing you can do is just ignore it.
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Posted: 18 May 2009 06:45 PM         Subject: RE: Wow. Just Wow.
okay, i've never really been a fan of disney or any part of their franchise, but i don't see ANYTHING wrong with the jonas brothers; as musicians OR people.

i don't know if it is a publicity stunt, or just their personal views, but the fact that they practice abstinence and wear chastity rings, i think, is a very nice thing. whether they actually are that moral or not, they are still setting examples for the younger and teenage viewers of the disney channel and even mtv shows like the mtv movie awards or w/e.

also, they are all very talented as musicians. nick has an amazing voice, as does joe. not really sure what kevin is bringing to the band, but he has great hair.

so yeah, i don't know WHY people are bashing them, saying they are gay, and basically being jerks, but i agree, it's way out of line.
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Posted: 18 May 2009 06:49 PM         Subject: RE: Wow. Just Wow.
They just say they're gay cause they hate them and they're close as brothers I'd imagine. People even call bands I like gay. They're immature and you shouldn't listen to them *hugs*
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Posted: 18 May 2009 08:34 PM         Subject: RE: Wow. Just Wow.
It seems that there are more than just a couple of bands / fans of bands that are accused of being " gay "; it's like the fall-back insult for people that can't think of anything more intelligent to say. I totally agree: calling them gay is unnecessary, as well as potentially hurtful. And, as it's been said, if they happened to be homosexual, no one should use sexuality as a way to insult someone. There's nothing wrong with being gay, period.

The insults are pretty much out of control. People can't like any band without getting some sort crud for it, it seems. xD Ignore those people that have to express such hatred; it's unfortunate that they have to act like that, and that they have to spread such hostility over something so simple and enjoyable as music. Music should be something that brings people together; it shouldn't turn forums or internet discussions into murderous " your band suxXor5!!!!111!!!!11!" flame-wars.

lm/^___^lm/ Yay; Jonas Brothers.

Edit: Aw, the forum doesn't want to accept my backward slashes. xD
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