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Posted: 20 Apr 2009 07:43 AM       Subject: Bzoink Forum Use Refresher
Lots of new members around the forums lately.. Just wanted to mention a few items.

1. Bzoink keeps it clean and friendly and challenges people to use language in a way that encourages understanding instead of tearing others down and/or creating negativity. (No swearing)

2. If a thread hasn't been active for a month or two, please don't post on it yourself just to say something short. It's fine if you have something important to add to the discussion, but most likely.. Don't. Please.

3. If you're new, go introduce yourself to everyone in the Newbies section.

4. Threads (usually game threads) have a 50 page max limit. When the 50 page limit is reached, feel free to create a new thread for it if there isn't already a new one. I will close the old one when I notice it. DO NOT START A NEW THREAD for a game if it hasn't reached its 50 page limit yet. Look to see if something already exists before creating a new thread. This is what I'm calling 'Thread doubling'.

5. Please report any abuse of Bzoink.. inappropriate language, spam, thread doubling, etc.. to me. Message me link is below.

Thanks, and enjoy Bzoink!
I am the very fancy owner and creator of Bzoink! Thank you for using it.
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