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Posted: 04 Apr 2009 02:53 PM         Subject: RE:
My mums been very open about everything ever since I was little, I can't exactly remember one pecific time either when I got sat down and talked about the birds and the bees. Then school shoved it down your throat, and I always used to think, well this is all very nice and interessting and everything but I don't actually need to know any of this do I, haha, and now i'm actually of age nothings said about it. Strange. Well apart from when my darling mother asks me about things that I would really rather she didn't, and i'm not stupid.
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Posted: 04 Apr 2009 03:04 PM         Subject: RE:
I guess sometimes it just seems kind of weird (and kind of gross) to talk to your parents about that and other things too.
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Posted: 04 Apr 2009 05:17 PM         Subject: RE:
Hmmm...well, I think my parents talked to me about it, but they weren't very open or informative. And at that point, I didn't really understand. We had an educational class at school about it, but really all they did was show us a bunch of gross pictures of diseases...or at least, that's all I remember of it.
I learned most things from my friends or at school, on the bus, etc. I think that this "talk" is more of a guideline from your parents - they want you to do the right things, is all. They can't teach you everything, and like most things, it's just something you have to learn on your own, by using your own (hopefully) good judgments.
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Posted: 05 Apr 2009 09:31 PM         Subject: RE:
The "sex talk" was a nightmare. At first when I did it I didn't tell them which was really wrong. Then I did and they were like well we better get you on the pill. :? :shock:

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Posted: 06 Apr 2009 06:36 AM         Subject: RE:
Haha my mum still tries and im 20 hahahahahhha....

She sat me and my 18 yr old brother down and she's like talking and we burst out laughing then she lectures us

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Posted: 06 Apr 2009 06:55 AM         Subject: RE:
My parents introduced me to the topic of sex after I inquired about the process of having children. My mother's doctor recommended a book ( I forget the name of it now ) that explained everything in a very age-appropriate manner. My parents have always been available since then to discuss the topic of sex as it pertained to my life. Obviously, as I got older, they had more ' lectures ', and I had more questions. I've always had a very open relationship with my mother, so coming to her with fears or concerns was never a big deal. It was all pretty natural, and I felt like I was given all the information I needed to make informed choices. Personally, I am glad that I didn't take the route of " Ew, don't talk to me about that, " because I feel much better knowing everything than I think I would if I remained in the dark. Sex-Ed programs aren't the best ( here ), nor are they that in-depth ( here ); my parents were far more informative and understanding. Plus, like someone said before, they've been there - they do, believe it or not, know what it's like. That's how you and I got here, after all. So they're not clueless. There's a generation gap, sure, but how you approach sex hasn't ( or shouldn't have ) changed THAT much that we cannot relate to them and their version of what's safe / appropriate.

Also, on the topic of whether or not this is Bzoink appropriate, I see no reason why it wouldn't be, at least at this point. If someone came in and started taking away from the mature discussions, then I think it would be against the type of image Bzoink wants to portray ( After all, drug education started here in elementary school, and sex ed in middle school, so most of us have already had some form of exposure ). Exchanging stories of how we were raised in regard to this topic seems to be a good topic of conversation. Everyone ( so far, that I have seen ) has kept references vague, and has used a fairly adult attitude, despite the differences in experience.
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Posted: 07 Apr 2009 09:01 PM         Subject: RE:
my mom never had the talk with me till i told her that i knew what it was. then she tried to explain it all to me, and i'm like mom. i just told you i know what it is. lol
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Posted: 07 Apr 2009 11:39 PM         Subject: RE:
I don't remember my parents ever even trying to bring it up. . .
My mom, though, once bought a book when I was in about 5th grade that explained it with pictures (which were appropriate for a child, of course). My brother & I just laughed at it, hah.
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Posted: 07 Apr 2009 11:55 PM         Subject: RE:
My mom never tried to talk to me about it. I think it should be important, though. You know, if I were a younger kid and kind of curious about it, I'd rather my parents tell me than having to find out about it in some strange way. It seems uncomfortable, but at least the parent is trying, you know?

I personally, just figured it out. When I was mature enough to understand, of course. I was always surrounded by adults when I was little, so I kind of grew up fast.
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Posted: 08 Apr 2009 01:51 PM         Subject: RE:
My mom refused to talk to me about so I learned it all from what I heard around me...In school, T.V., and what not
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Posted: 10 Apr 2009 03:56 PM         Subject: RE:
I think it's immature of the parents to not educate their chilldren, i'm not saying they're bad parents for not doing, but it's nature, kids are curious to start off with, it's better just to tell them the truth the first time they ask. There was soemthing on the television (which I wanted to watch but didn't get chance to) about education vs pornography, and from what I saw in the adverts there was a lot of misconceptions about sex, which really needed to be sorted out.
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Posted: 10 Apr 2009 03:59 PM         Subject: RE:
My parents never said anything to me about the subject. ._.
I've learned all I know about it from school.
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Posted: 11 Apr 2009 04:50 PM         Subject: RE:
my parents never really talked to me about it, but I watched "the movie" in 5th, 6th, and 8th grade, and we talked more about it in 9th grade. I certainly would not call this my favorite topic to discuss/learn about!
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Posted: 19 Apr 2009 10:46 AM         Subject: RE:
My parents never really talked about it with me...I think my mom tried to find the "right" time to bring it up...and I do remember quite a few times when she might have "tried" mentioning it...but well :P

I learned all this stuff from school...
In 6th and 7th grade, we had to learn about reproduction and yeah...

You know, I don't think my parents know that I know about sex :?

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Posted: 22 Apr 2009 06:33 PM         Subject: RE:
I used to just try not to listen, I'd start talking REALLY loud just to NOT hear her. Ha ha. I still do that.
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