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Posted: 22 Mar 2009 05:24 PM       Subject: Don't ya hate it when ...
people don't say goodbye?

my best friend's leaving (yes, yet again!) to go on some trip for a few days and he didn't say goodbye. :?

I may sound clingy, but it bothers me that he didn't take the time to at least say goodbye, and I haven't talked to him since like Friday.

and he's always busy. he's just so difficult to be friends with.
he says he cares about me a lot but i don't know ...

anyway i just needed to get that out.
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Posted: 22 Mar 2009 09:12 PM         Subject: RE: Don't ya hate it when ...
I know how you best friend is similar....she was going on vacation this week and I only found out via an update on myspace and then I saw her in the store buying a bething suit....but otherwise she is always busy...but she has a good reason..she's working and spending time with her bf......but anyways I wonder why your friend is doing that.....hopefully you arent growing apart...Just give him a little space and see what happens...
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Posted: 24 Mar 2009 01:23 PM         Subject: RE: Don't ya hate it when ...
I've dealt with friends like that in the past; it's definitely frustrating. Sometimes it's understandable. I mean, I know that I can't see some of my friends ALL the time, or that I might space them out/they might space me out simply because they work, go to school, and have lives of their own --- Like myself. However, when it seems like it's a growing trend in their behavior, and they are no longer making an effort to maintain contact or to at least be courteous --- like forgetting saying goodbye before lengthy trips, as you mentioned --- then I take the time to see where the relationship's probably headed. Sometimes people are busy and just need space. Other times, the pulling away could signify something less pleasant. It just depends. :/ I'm sorry you're dealing with this, though. I know it's no fun, and it's hard to tell exactly what someone else is feeling without just confronting him or her about it, which can cause problems, too. It's a tough position to be in. I hope that everything works out, though!
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