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Mondays are stupid. The cat ate macaroni while playing Nintendo. Love makes the people exceedingly jealous because it is blind. Chickens are scary animals. Once upon a time, Barbie dated Ken. When snow comes pineapples growl at tangerines because they are evil. Popcorn runs gaily around the slippery street and laughs about failed birthday surprises. Autumn draws monkeys on purple walls after her notebook stands upright suddenly. Pictures in progress lose some color and brightness. Chivalry is very dead, dude. Zoo animals look at purple jumping snails and mindless raccoons. Mystery bus and friends are solving the many sticky situations that they stumble into. Trees are epically fond of maple leaves and palm leaves. Sasha drives her giraffe up north to Fairbanks, Alaska where Heather lives. Roses are growing in plastic containers, but are you allowed eating them. Nyna laughs for random pirates and materialistic cows. Hunting somewhere is very mean, cruel, and un-groovy. Danger fears that Tiggers will pounce on brothers purple geese. All of the boys ran home because they scared the chickens and slid onto Mr.Magoo and made him stutter. Hamsters should be exiled from NorthAfrica because they're tiny and demonic. Jaycee steps into Narnia with JustinTimberlake and unicorns. Princess the time is here, tornadoes are silly so we should run toward the lemon. Dragons are protecting me from foreign accents and sausages. Butter is magically stupid so I just ignore it. Rollercoasters and monks are not common in Africa. Whistles can make unicorns fall down unwillingly. Between the Italian and Swiss cheese, flowers grow beneath their cozy surfaces. Christmas music is merrily and happily meant to bring joyful moods. Getting left behind when scary things always happen is making me quite dizzy. Macy enjoys sleeping on high beds, with random animals. Thick hair is exceedingly beautiful because it is so shiny
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