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Posted: 26 Jan 2009 01:19 PM       Subject: Say Something To Someone You Love:
Simply put say something to your loved one; boyfriend/girlfriend, mom/dad, crush, best friend. Tell them how much you love them, or how much they are pissing you off right now. Just say what you've got on your mind/heart.


Life has certainly not been the same since you came into it. You came in making me smile and laugh, blush and even lose the ability to speak. For the first time in my life I met a guy that could take my breath away, literally. You were dashing and smart, handsome and quick to crack a joke, sensitive and understanding, caring and defensive of those you love. You were everything I've ever wanted in a man and more but some where in my silly head I never figured I'd be with someone nearly as damn good as you. I was wrong though, I found that you kinda liked me too and you saw that I kinda liked you and we started to free fall into love. The first time you said you loved me you once again left me breathless just like the first time I met you on some silly site. At first you tried to play it off cause all I could do was sit there in shock and in loss of words but I soon quickly recovered myself and told you I loved you too. Those butterflies that fluttered in my stomach were doing back flips and loops in my belly. We loved one another from a distance, always wondering never knowing what it was like to be with one another then the day came to where I was tipsy as all hell, walking down the isle of shaving cream and some man stood before me...someone I knew I knew, and then it hit me and all I could do was scream and jump on you. This time it wasn't a dream I was touching flesh it was you, I could smell you and touch you there wasn't anything that was fooling me. It was all you and I couldn't believe it, that dinner was so nerve racking I felt like a little school girl I was so lost in you and everything that happened that I was just rushing with all different kinds of emotions. Then that night we got back to the hotel so we could wish you a good night and I could go home to pack so I could enjoy my weekend with you.... Then you leaned in slowly your lips touched mine and we stood there for a few seconds then pulled away...for a good hour or so it still buzzed with the feeling of your lips upon mine. That night I went home to pack barely getting any sleep, all I could think about was that you were a 30 minute drive from me and all I wanted to do was feel your lips upon mine again. That I wanted to be snuggled up close to you and enjoying your company in bed. All I wanted was you, and that's all I've ever wanted since the day I've met you and I know that'll never change. I love you more then you know Tommy and more then I possibly ever thought I could love someone. You're my everything and I truly mean that. Thank you so much for being in my life and for loving me like you do, because without you life makes no sense.
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