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Posted: 27 Sep 2007 05:21 PM       Subject: Fruits basket roleplay
hi,dose anyone want to Fb rp?
heres what you need
crush off the show:

i'll go first:
name: Kiki cho
outfit:yellow dress.witwhite jacket.and brown boots
personality:sweet,careing,shy at times,has a temper at times,funny,fun.
dislikes: people who hurt the ones she loves and cares about.
crush off the show: Kyo Sohma
other: her parents didnt love her,they thought she was a mistake.they wished she would die.but they coud'nt kill her so they killed themselves when she was 6.she raised herself.she never knew what it felt like to be loved.but she doe'nt let it keep her down.

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Posted: 10 Sep 2008 07:18 PM         Subject: RE: Fruits basket roleplay
Furuba is awesome =)

Ok ok ok.
Heres mine:

name: Hiroko Yagami
age: 16.
looks: Refer to le photo....
outfit: Photo.
personality: Tough exterior, but can be a softie if she really takes a liking to somebody. A very strong person. Doesn't let others get to her. Pretty intimidating. Very sarcastic, but is a good friend (If she likes you). Usually keeps to herself except when around those she strongly dislikes or strongly likes.
likes: Music, painting, reading, drawing.
dislikes: Ditzy, overhyper, slutty girls. Arrogant, pervy, man-whore guys. Government. People who hate on her friends.
crush off the show: Hatsuharu. The cow himself. (-gets drop-kicked by Rin-)
other: Music is her biggest passion and she will do whatever it takes to make it.

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Posted: 21 Feb 2009 07:28 PM         Subject: RE: Fruits basket roleplay
Kay. :]]]

name: Royuku "Roy" Tanaka
age: Fifteen
outfit: Black tee shirt, black skinny jeans, black fishnet fingerless gloves, black flats with white skulls, lip piercing, and rainbow studded belt.
personality: Often sad, but entertaining when she's not.
likes: Music, dancing, singing (only when alone).
dislikes: Children...
crush off the show: Rin Sohma
other: She's bisexual and emo.[/url]
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