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Posted: 13 Mar 2011 11:43 AM       Subject: friends in trouble
When Mystery got home after a long walk, she checked her messenger. The message was from Headquarters. It said:

"your friends are being held under lock and key in the office of the Senior VP at Sellbot Cog HQ." It will take 10 trips through the Factory to complete your disguise, but watch out for the Goons in the Warehouse. Don't go on until the coast is clear.

Upon completion, the merit bar will be full at 20 and blink "ready for promotion" and you will be a Level 1 Cold Caller.


Upon arriving, the group will be split up into two groups of 4 on either side upon being detected and lose your disguise. When all the Cogs (including Skelecogs)have been defeated, it's time to start hitting the VP with pies to knock him over the edge.
Rewards for winning:

    gag experience
    SOS card from the shopkeeper
    level up on your disguise
    more merits

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