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Posted: 28 Jun 2009 12:20 PM       Subject: Alone in the Forest
A young woman of no more than nineteen strolled down the dark street. With the street lights that were far and few between, she could see the small groups of people gathered together. Some were looking into windows, others seemed to be in a daze. It wasn't the first time the girl had seen some of the faces, as it wasn't her first time in the city. She worked in town, in a corner diner, but lived just outside the city walls. She could remember why clearly too.

The middle aged woman that was her real estate agent gazed at her with nervous eyes. "You wouldn't want to live directly in RavenBlack, dear. While working there isn't too much trouble, actually living there isn't very safe. At night is when it's most dangerous..."

Mystery shivered. She had to work late that night. So, of course, she didn't have much choice to say in the city after dark. One hand was stuffed into her jeans pocket, fingers curled over a bottle of mace. Very rarely had she needed to use it, but tonight gave her a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. Loud hoots and hollers made her flinch. She was just passing through one of the bigger bars now. Around sunset, when she usually passed by it, it didn't seem so ominous. But now...Just being near it or looking at it filled her with dread.

I just have to not think about it.... she told herself, trying to ease her nerves. She even felt a little silly, letting something like rumors and bars scare her. Mentally smacking herself, Mystery continued her steady pace down the street, slightly cursing her choice in footwear now. A loud wolf whistle sounded behind her and she bent over to adjust her buckles. This caused her to erect herself quickly, eyes wide. Her ears caught the sound of someone coming from behind. Clearing her throat slightly, she began walking again, picking up the pace slightly from her previous walk.

While doing so, she caught a small look at herself in a dark window. She wasn't much to look at, in her opinion. Especially after just coming off the job. Luckily, she didn't need to walk home in her uniform, having a small locker in the diner like the other waitresses. Her golden brown curls were pulled back into a sloppy bun, her make-up sparse, only consisting of a little eye liner and a bit of lip gloss. Her black nail polish was chipped to the point of looking childish. She wore two shirts, the top being a navy tee with a "High Voltage" sign printed on the chest, the bottom shirt being a long sleeved white shirt with a collar. The sleeves were buttoned at the cuff and rolled up, the collar tucked over the neckline of the navy teen. Boyish, but comfortable. Her jeans were a pale shade of blue, worn almost to white on the seat and tops of the legs. Rips were on both knees and one hole right under her butt, on the left side. The foot of the pants were in tatters, mostly from dragging her heals when she worn sneakers. On her feet, which she currently regretted, was a pair of three inch, black buckle boots.

Mystery shook her head slowly. There were plenty of pretty girls in bars and on street corners. Why come after a waitress on her way home? She could still faintly hear the foot step behind her, a low, grizzly chuckle rearing her ears. Mystery was caught between running in a panic and turning to face the person, whom she guessed was a guy. Clearing her throat again, she spoke in a just barely even and cool tone, trying to put as much force behind it as possible, "I'm not as easy a catch as you think. I have a second degree black belt and mace. If you value your eyes and groin in the least, you'll go after another girl."

The foot steps behind her stopped. Mystery rounded a corner, staying there a few moments. Listening. Listening for the foot steps. None were heard. Myst sighed in relief. Thank God... She hated to threaten people like that, especially to throw the black belt card into play, but her gut told her he wasn't going to leave her alone if she didn't. Her dark brown eyes traveled down the new street she was on. It would take her home, if she stayed on it. Almost there.... She began to walk again, her heels clicking against the contrite sidewalk. The hand in her pocket began to relax slightly, the fingers cramped. Ugh...Looks like another night gone without a sketch... Though the thought wasn't a very happy one, the next one in her mind made her smile. Well, at least Kyo will be happy to see me. She couldn't wait to get home and cuddle with her huge cat. To let him purr into relaxing again. She continued to walk, on and on...
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