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Posted: 27 Sep 2017 07:05 PM       Subject: RE: Hi, Hello. Feedback Wanted
I don't think anything you did or changed here drove people away, we just went through the whole shift from Myspace to Facebook and people's interests changed when it comes to sharing stuff on social media, that's out of your control.

Those changes sound good to me, especially the possible changes to our profile pages. Maybe a full layout change, maybe some changes in the types of information we can share on our profiles, I'm sure you'll think of something great.

Thanks for keeping Bzoink alive for us loyals <3

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Posted: 23 Sep 2017 09:14 PM       Subject: RE: Hi, Hello. Feedback Wanted
Thank you for your feedback. I was holding off on replying to encourage more replies. I'll still read any new replies though!

How can we make the forums better? Forums were never really what Bzoink was about but somehow became a fairly active part of the site.. and I personally don't use forums that often to understand why people like them. lol.

Chat I did recently take the 'Chat' link down from the top. No one ever used that anyway. I assume you are mostly talking about the chat that used to be along the bottom. I'm not sure why that disappeared and stopped working. I'd have to look into it again.

Ads/Promotion I am currently in a position where I would not be opposed to trying again, but I'm afraid with 50% of Bzoink's traffic now mobile.. I'd just be throwing money away. Also, Bzoink's viral sharing methods are still best suited for myspace/blogs and people have moved away from them. If anything I'd have to focus on audiences from niche sites to be effective as this time, I believe. Bottom line: I feel like more work needs to be done to refresh Bzoink before advertising dollars would be effective.

Surveys and Forums Your feedback echos what my data shows. Surveys and the forums are the most popular.

I'm considering removing Stories all together, they never really took off.

I'm considering removing the option to create new Statistical Surveys.

I want most of my focus moving forward to be on surveys, but I think some tweaks to quizlets/polls could bring benefit. I will have to look at historical data for this, as those sections of the site are pretty much dead nowadays.

Member Features This is where I'm actually a little surprised. Seems most of you want MORE ways to interact with each other. And it seems like the ways that I tried to do that in the past either weren't right, or people weren't interested. When I changed all the profiles around.. I actually kind of hate the way it's all setup now.

I have a hard time distinguishing between loss of traffic because of things that I changed at one point, or just the changing internet. And when I was pushing more and more community building type features, I was losing more and more traffic as people shifted from Myspace to Facebook.
I am the very fancy owner and creator of Bzoink! Thank you for using it.
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Posted: 18 Sep 2017 11:57 AM       Subject: RE: Hi, Hello. Feedback Wanted
I mostly use Surveys!!!

I've recently started using the forums, but the surveys are my favorite. I love making and taking them. It gives me something to do, and it's fun.