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Posted: 12 Sep 2009 09:46 AM       Subject: RE: God Bless America on 9/11!
i personally do think we should have this day off, to remember all the innocent people who died that terrible day.
i was watching this thing abotu 9/11 on the hsitory channel and it had some acturally video tapes of it and stuff and i was watchign ti with my dad, my brother and my dads girlfriend son asher, and i started bawling. and penny (my dads gf) came in with her daughter finnley and finnley tells eww oh my god turn that off!!
and i was ready to flip out on her. thats just rude.

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Posted: 12 Sep 2009 01:25 AM       Subject: RE: God Bless America on 9/11!
I agree with you guys 100%. No I donít necessarily think school/work should be out but I do think when it is 9/11 they should have some kind of assignment to do about that day. Of course, these guys died for us to be safe. They deserve to be remembered & itís shameful that some just donít care. Iíve heard a few songs & stories about that day I seriously canít help but cry. Most kids lost there fathers. Most wives lost there husbands. Most mothers lost there sons. Most fathers lost there son/daughter. Itís just so sad to see all those people live without a father, brother, son & husband to come home to.

I heard that one story/song where that girl is telling her daddy what she did since heís been gone & just how much she missed him. That kills me because you could feel the emotion.

I just am lucky we have such brave men. I feel bad though because part of me feels like I should have done something. I love America for always doing what is right for ďUSĒ. Thank You & I will always remember!

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Posted: 11 Sep 2009 11:57 PM       Subject: RE: God Bless America on 9/11!
I like this thread a lot. None of those people should be forgotten. Ever.