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Posted: 11 Jan 2019 11:12 PM       Subject: RE: Interview the person below you!
1. Idk...when I used to watch them I liked all of them!
2. Just the usual....I love holidays and city events, but they're the same every year.
3. I do like it, but I don't want to stay in this apartment forever. I love my hometown. I would like to have the experience of living in a big city for awhile, but I don't know if I would like it or not.

1. What was the last stupid thing you did?
2. What's the worst habit that you have?
3. Do you have a youtube channel?

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Posted: 05 Jan 2019 01:20 AM       Subject: RE: Interview the person below you!
1. At this time yesterday I was on the couch with pizza watching home and away (one of my favourite TV shows)!
2. I don't spend overly much time with my family but the traditions are just the usual of seeing each other on holidays.
3. 2018 was one of the worst years of my life and the most positive change from it would be realising just how much I need to change in my life for things to get back on track. The biggest negative change would be that some things I cannot change.

1. Do you have a favourite Disney film? If yes, which one.
2. Do you have any major or exciting plans, holidays, events etc in 2019?
3. Do you like where you live, where would you love to live if given the chance?

Roxy Ryan
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Wanna keep a hold of my heart
I'm falling into this again
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Posted: 03 Jan 2019 02:18 PM       Subject: RE: Interview the person below you!
1. Yeah! I don't normally get that attached to characters, but I really felt that way while watching Downton Abbey because of how much character depth and development there is. The way they were written, they felt so much more "real" than most characters in other shows/movies.
2. Probably hiking, because I love being out in nature.
3. Yes. 32 U.S. states, 2 Canadian provinces, England, Mexico, Honduras, Belize, Bermuda, and the U.S. and British Virgin Islands.

1. What were you doing at this time yesterday?
2. What are some traditions you and your family have?
3. What has been the biggest positive change in your life in the past year? What about the biggest negative change?
- Kelly -