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Posted: 12 Sep 2016 08:32 AM       Subject: RE: Weird...
"Basic Bitch" way possible. LOL

If I could insert the emojis from my Samsung Galaxy it would be epic. :lol:
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Posted: 31 Aug 2016 03:27 PM       Subject: RE: Weird...
That's good to hear it wasn't anything serious. I saw that stuff last night and knew someone was up to no good on here!
- Kelly -

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Posted: 31 Aug 2016 11:40 AM       Subject: RE: Weird...
It was because of a forum post. It only appeared on pages that showed recent forum post titles. I have removed the post and will be adding measures to block it from happening again later today.

It was a "hack" in the most "basic bitch" way possible. I assure you nothing actually happened.

Unfortunately, it would seem ThisCrush's success has resulted in people trying to target ALL of my web sites with their childish stuff. As I also had basically the same thing happen on TC within the last 24 hours, only on a much smaller scale.

The great news is by doing this on all my sites, they leave a very clear and well marked trail for me to follow.
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