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Author: ohhnoitsme22
Created: January 7, 2007
Taken: 184 times
Rated: PG

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This or That (long)

Created by ohhnoitsme22 and taken 184 times on Bzoink
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coke or pepsi
crayon or markers
cell phone or ipod
pizza or tacos
aim or yahoo
apple or banana
pen or pencil
movies or t.v
cucumber or pickle
salt or pepper
rock or pop
counrtr or rap
cream cheese or butter
strawberry watermellon
trix or frootloops
ketchup or mustard
dory or nemo
apple juice or orange juice
coffee or tea
boy or girl
straight or bi
money or love
polar bear or penguin
cat or dog
pink or blue
ice skate or roller blade
black or white
dinosaur or elephant
mtv or vh1
basketball or football
flowers or candy
friends or enimies
classwork or homework
green or purple
christmas or easter
give or recieve
doritos or lays
bordom or random
pool or beach
disney or universal
new found glory or good charlotte
starburst or nerds
laguna beach or family guy
sun or moon
summer or winter

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