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Author: andy
Created: October 16, 2003
Taken: 22,019 times
Rated: G

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Created by andy and taken 22019 times on Bzoink
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+ Basics +
Are you emotional :
Do songs make you cry? If so, name a few :
What about movies :
What emotion do you usually feel :
+ Sadness +
What does it take to make you cry your heart out :
How many times have you done that :
Where do you cry :
Do you hate crying :
Do you like it when others cry :
Do you think tears make eyes look pretty :
Who looks good when they cry :
How else do you express sadness :
Are you sad all the time :
+ Anger +
What does it take to make you mad :
What do you do when you're angry :
How short is your temper :
How long does it take you to calm down :
What's the worst thing you've done when you were mad :
Do you freak out when others are angry :
Has anyone ever recommended anger management to you :
What's the worst thing someone's done to make you mad :
Do you anger people :
+ Joy +
How often are you happy :
What makes you happy :
What do you do when you're happy :
How optimistic are you :
Do happy people make you mad :
What's the worst thing someone can do while they're happy :
Ever been so happy you were dying to tell everyone :
Ever been so happy you cried :
Do you smile a lot :
Kiss people a lot:
Who really makes you happy :
Do you like doing things for people when you're happy :
+ Fear +
What do you do when you're scared :
What scares you :
Do you like scaring people :
Do you like the trill of being frightened :
Does fear accompany anger in your case :
Ever been so scared you couldn't breathe :
How often do you panic :
What's the one thing that scared you more than anything else EVER :
What do you do to calm your nerves :
Do rollercoasters scare you :
+ The strongest emotion +
What song never fails to get your strongest emotions going :
Movie :
Commericial :
Person :
Thing :
Sight :
Sound :
Food :
Thing you're looking forward to/want :
+ What do you do +
When the emotion suck :
When the emotion rocks :
When there's no emotion :
+ Would you rather +
Never feel again :
Feel loneliness or anger for the rest of your life :
Be happy forever and never experience bad times :
Cause misery :
Feel misery :
Be alone :
Be with everyone you know :
+ Who +
Cheers you up more than anyone else :
Angers you more than anyone else :
Scares you more than anyone else :
Makes you think about your emotions more than anyone else :
Makes you really care about how they feel and what they think :