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Author: lilmar1010
Created: January 2, 2007
Taken: 38 times
Rated: G

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Created by lilmar1010 and taken 38 times on Bzoink
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Favorites of 2006
Place you went?
Gift you received?
TV Show?
Spring of '06
What was the weather like?
Spring Break at all?
What holidays did you celebrate?
What did you like to do?
Summer of '06
When did summer officially start for you?
Did you go on vacation?
How often did you go swimming, if at all?
What will you remember most?
Did you go to any camp or go camping?
Swim in a creek/river? Ocean?
Go to any concerts?
Any of those "summer romances"?
If so, who?
Best thing about the summer of '06:
Fall of '06
Struggle at all getting "back into the groove of things"?
Rake any leaves?
Jump in any leaf piles?
What was the most memorable part of fall?
Winter time!
What's the weather like during the winter?
If it snows, what was the most snow you had?
What holiday did you celebrate?
What kind of gifts did you get?
Make any snow angels?
Did you belt out carols like a madman at all?
How old did you turn this year?
Change your look at all?
Do you FEEL older?
Any life changing experiences?
Near death experiences?
Do any painting at all?
Greatest accomplishment of '06:
How did you spend New Years Eve?
What were you doing at midnight?
Kiss anyone?
Did you make any resolutions?
Predictions for the year?
Goals for the year?