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Author: hahaufellhard
Created: December 31, 2006
Taken: 551 times
Rated: G

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F,U.N Survey 4 Gurls(u better put this on ur myspace)

Created by hahaufellhard and taken 551 times on Bzoink
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Who R U?
Hello My Name Is?
I have lived on this planet 4?
Random Q's
Do u like Miley Cyrus and why?
Have u ever heard of Jason Dolley?
Is there a guy ur age that has told u he wants to wait and date u in HS?
Why do u think he wants to wait until High School?
Would U Rather:
Kill Zac Efron or date Corbon Blu and his HUGE afro?
Eat ur own poop or eat ur dogs poop?
Kiss Marlon Mansion or Gerard Way?
Shave ur head or marry Mitchel Musso from Hannah Montana?
Smell like B.O 4 a day or PEE ur pants on a roller coaster ride?
Do U Have:
A crush on someone who is older than the age of 25?Who?
A friend who u think is a lil too into guys and she is still 2 young?
Dog or Cat that weighs more than the average weight?How much?
Deep,Dark,secret that nobody know's about u,but soon will?
Tough Q's
Who is ur #1 best friend?
Who is ur 2nd best friend?
Who would u want to be stranded on a island with?
Have u met Mr.Right yet?
Who is the one person in ur skool that u can't stand?
Are u a virgin still?
Ever kiss someone other than ur family members?
Who was ur first ever best friend?
How many friends do u think u had back then and now?
U Did What!!
Have u ever forgot to put on deoderent and went to skool smelly?
Have u ever pretended to be friends with someone but u really hated them?
Have u ever thought u were PHAT when u really weren't?
Have u ever punched someone?Who?
Would u ever want to look like Paris Hilton?
Who do u want to look like?
If u were a guy who would u want to look like?
Now what would ur hair look like?
Ur style?
One More Thing
Are u truely happy with urself?Yes/No