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Author: cheeseisdangerous
Created: December 14, 2006
Taken: 810 times
Rated: G

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0: A Survey So Weird That It Hurts

Created by cheeseisdangerous and taken 810 times on Bzoink
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But We Dont Know Eachother Well Enough...
You got a name?
How long you been living this crazy life
Where do ya live?
When DoI Buy You A Pressie?
You getting educated? Where?
So hows that going?
Ok. I dont care. I'm not your Great Bleeding Aunt Magda, ok?
Let The Randomness Begin...
Are you a loser/mug/git/pisshead?
Great. I'm not. Do you have ballerina elephants?
I do. Have you ever heard of closing the goddam door?
Whats your favourite lyric of all time?
Do you watch Neighbours/Home And Away/Both?
Those programmes are for saddos.
More About Your Tunes...Cause Music Rocks...
What genre gets you happy?
What song do you HAVE to sing along to?
Do you know any songs off by heart?
Are musicians hot?
Favourite band of all time?
Favourite song atm?
Love Is In The Air...
You single?
Ever cheated on someone?
(Fill in) is so hawt...
Oo-er. Whys that then?
Got anyone stalking you?
Ooh they think youre hawt...
Finish The Sentence...
My hands...
I just cant...
What the world needs is...
I want to die...
If i were a nun/monk...
I love...
The Good Old Days...
First childhood memory?
Any totally awesome toys?
Physco best friends?
Did your siblings and you get on well?
Have You Ever...
Had your heart smashed to smithereens?
Fallen off a skateboard?
Hurt a kitten?
Ate something REALLY WEIRD?
Dressed as a alien?
Worn something way too revealing?
Ok, I Have Plaves To Go, People To See...
Did you enjoy this survey? hmm...*bribes*...