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Author: x-lauz-x-2k6-x
Created: December 10, 2006
Taken: 160 times
Rated: G

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Created by x-lauz-x-2k6-x and taken 160 times on Bzoink
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Makes You Lauf The Most?
Puts A Smile On Your Face?
Gives You Funny Feelings When You See Him/Her?
Who Are Your Best Friends?
Do You Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend?
Whats Your Longest Relationship?
Whats Your Shortest Relationship?
Have Your Ever?...
Bungee Jumped?
Made Yourself Throw Up?
Ever Been In Love?
Made Yourself Cry To Get Out Of Trouble?
Cryed When Someone Died?
Been Rejected?
Rejected Someone?
Short Survey?...
Whats Your Name?
What Size Feet Are You?
Who Was Your First Love?
Who Was Your First Kiss?
Fast Or Slow?
Hard Or Soft?
Who Makes Your Most Happy?
Whats Your Favourite Place To Be?
Gold Or Sliver?
Black Or White?
Whats Your Worst Fear?
Whats Your Favourite Animal?
Whats The Thing Your Most Proud Of Doing?
Whats Your Favourite Feature?
Whats Your Favourite Item Of Clothing?
Have Your Been Kicked Out Of School Of Serspended?
Before You Go To Bed Whats On Your Mind?
Danceing Or Acting?
Cat Or Dog?
What Film Makes Your Cry The Most?
Whos Your Best Friend?
Hot Or Cold?
Sun Or Snow?
In 2006 Have You?...
Had Sex?
Done Drungs?
Had A Fight?
Been Dumped?
Dumped Anyone?
Had A Big Change?
Moved House?
Moved School?