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Author: noonereally911111
Created: December 3, 2006
Taken: 5,041 times
Rated: G

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Questions you've probably NEVER been asked!

Created by noonereally911111 and taken 5041 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever seen an alligator in person?
Have you ever lent pantyhose to anyone?
Who do you think is more attractive: your mom or your dad?
Does your doctor freak you out?
What kind of gum do you absolutely hate?
What does the inside of your shower look like?
What kind of dictionary do you use?
What celebrity's hairstyle do you envy?
Are you good at ping pong?
Does it annoy you when people's eyebrows are a differentcolor than hair?
Has your grandma ever cussed in front of you before?
What primary color is your Christmas tree?
Have you dated someone with some serious halitosis?
Do you like Jerry Springer?
Which would u rather have as a brother: Beavis or Butthead?
What is the stupidest thing you've done to a friend's pet?
What is the second letter of the name of your street?
Is there someone in your town that looks a lot like you?
What color do you think your heart really is?
What does your umbrella look like?
Does your cell phone die frequently?
What's the most important thing you've ever broke?
What is your favorite keychain?
Have u ever seen a snake in the road?
Is there a china cabinet in your house?
Have you ever mentally pictured your teachers having sex?
If you don't meet your soulmate while on earth, will u meet them in heaven?
Have you ever been to the Kentucky Derby?
What state has the most interesting shape?
Have u ever heard a wolf howl?
What's the best camera brand?
Have u jumped on a trampoline for more than 3 hours straight?
When in a race, do you usually win?
What color is the inside of your shower?
Do you get sleepy when you ride in the car?
Is your ring size little or big?
Where do you go fishing at?
Have u ever thought about joining a nunnery/monastary?
Do you think Bill Clinton's face will ever be on our money?
What about George W. Bush?
Have u ever wanted to tap dance?
If you could change the color of hippopotamuses would you?
When someone tells you to tell them when, do you actually say "when"?
Do you curse when you run a light?
How many cowboy hats do you own?
Are you scared when you walk with scissors?
What does your best friend want to do when they grow up?
Have you been in a flood?
Have u ever worn wooden shoes?
How is your credit rating?