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Author: racheliscoolness
Created: October 4, 2006
Taken: 167 times
Rated: G

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WahLaah !

Created by racheliscoolness and taken 167 times on Bzoink
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What do you..
.. want to be when you grow up ?
.. like to do on the weekends ?
.. look for in a guy/girl ?
.. want to accomplish in the next 4 years ?
.. like to watch on T.V. ?
About You
Hair color
Eye Color
How many friends do you have ?
Do you hang out with your friends on the daily basis ?
Do you get along with your parents ?
Do you believe in other worlds ?
Have you ever had a boyfriend or girlfriend ?
Are you on the computer a lot ?
Do you do well in school ?
Are you a teacher's pet ?
Have you ever done 100% of your homework the night it was given ?
Do you play sports ?
What's your fav. food ?
Are you addicted to Myspace ?
Do you believe Tom is the official creator of Myspace ?
Are you against homosexuality ?
Straight, Gay, or Bi ?
Right or Left Handed ?
Do you participate in after-school activities ?
Are you lazy ?
Do you watch a lot of T.V. ?
Do you like to read ?
Do you enjoy talking to your friends on AIM or Yahoo I.M. ?
What would you do if..
.. your parents died tomorrow ?
.. your boyfriend/girlfriend dumped you for no reason ?
.. everything that could go wrong, went wrong for 24 hours ?
.. you had to live without electricity for one week ?
.. your friends didn't want to be your friend anymore ?
Do you..
.. have any peircings ?
.. take daily showers ?
.. go to church ?
.. spend hours on the phone gossiping ?
.. do your own laundry ?
.. fight with your siblings ?