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Author: xmycheapescapex
Created: October 2, 2006
Taken: 178 times
Rated: G

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hello, hello.

Created by xmycheapescapex and taken 178 times on Bzoink
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anything, anything
Current Mood:
Current Thoughts:
Last Person You Talked To:
Topic of Last Conversation:
What are you Doing:
Anything Special About Today:
Biggest Fear:
Best Memory:
Pet Peeves:
Single or Taken:
Happy or Bitter:
Biggest Relationship Flaw (in yourself):
In your Partner:
Something you Would Change about the Relationship:
Describe your...First Love:
Worst Breakup:
Defining Moment:
Perfect Pizza:
Dream Date:
Something No One's Ever Done For You:
Somewhere You've never Gone:
Something You'd Never Do:
Something You Did That You Thought You'd Never Do:
A Song You Heard Today:
A Plan You Made Today:
5 People You Saw Today:
Your Plans For Tomorrow:
A Movie You Want To See:
Something You Want To Know:
Something You Want To Tell Someone:
How Do You Sleep:
Last Dream You Remember:
Last Pill You Took:
Last Thing You Wrote:
What Do You Do if You Can't Sleep:
Late Night Snacks:
3 Things You're Looking Forward To:
First Heart You Broke:
First Heart Break:
Thing Most Often On Your Mind:
Goal In Relationships:
Favorite Animal:
Are You A Flirt:
Ever Been Called A Tease:
Affraid Of Commitment:
How Many People Have You Said I Love You To:
Ever Get Jealous:
Had Anyone Get Jealous Over You:
Favorite Thing About Relationships:
3 Things You Are Wearing:
3 Things You'd Rather Be Doing:
5 Dates That Are Important In Your Life:
What Do You Want For Christmas:
Where Are You Going: