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Author: andy
Created: August 14, 2004
Taken: 723 times
Rated: G

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The High School Mock Elections Survey

Created by andy and taken 723 times on Bzoink
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Put the name of someone from your class/school for each
Worst Car
Most School Spirit
Most Likely To Be A Talk Show Host
Most Sophisticated
Most Likely To Win An Oscar
Most Likely To Be A Famous Singer
Class Clown
Class Troublemaker
Biggest Babyface
Biggest Gossip
Prettiest Eyes
Best Smile
Olympic Hopeful
Most Likely To Be A Famous Artist
Presidential Hopeful
Dressed To Impress
Most Clueless
Best Looking
Most Friendly
Class Flirt
Highway Hazard
Class Sleeper
Class Skipper
Most Gullible
Class Klutz
Most Unique Laugh
Teacher's Pet
Most Likely To Be Embarrassed
Least Likely To Be Embarrassed